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Exploration, Essays and Edibles: YouTube March 2022 Trends

Sticky: Blindfolded Candy Making Challenge

Even though it happened late in March, cultural conversations have been dominated by the discourse surrounding that moment, Will Smith slapping Chris Rock at the Oscars. And this, of course, has continued on YouTube.

Who wants some takes? Here’s Joe Rogan’s, here’s Jim Carrey’s, here’s Snoop’s. For good measure here’s an Elder Scrolls meme and a skit. But the best reaction didn’t come from a celebrity, it came from an endemic channel called The Behavioral Arts who published a body language expert’s analysis of the incident and provided some compelling proof why the whole thing was real.

For other Oscars related content see couple Kelsey Kreppel and Cody Ko reviewing red carpet looks and disagreeing in the most adorable way possible, bask in the glory of the world’s most talented siblings Billie Eilish and FINNEAS absolutely crushing "No Time To Die" or get ready to attend some after parties with Emma Chamberlain and Kendall Jenner.

Closer to home, March 19 marked the 90th birthday of one of Sydney's most iconic landmarks, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, with 50,000 bright LED pixels illuminating the arches, and following International Women’s Day, local creator Engineering with Rosie talked to the team about how she is leading difficult conversations, sharing expertise, and creating new paths for others to follow.

Recently Trending Shorts

Sticky is a family-owned business run by David and his band of candy makers that take you on a behind-the-scenes look at how rock candy is made in their Sydney store - crafting anything and everything using sugar, including this intricate tractor - and in March they passed 1 million subscribers! ‘Stick’ing with the food theme, Adrian is a foodie who loves nothing more than sharing the best spots to eat in Sydney - from the fanciest bubble tea spot, to the yummiest yum cha with cocktails, and even the best Costco finds.

  1. Mr. Beast is scaring me... - 9.3M views, channel: Airrack
  2. When The Teacher Leaves The Class #Shorts - 8.3M views, channel: Luke Davidson
  3. i randomized minecraft's textures - 4.9M views, channel: camman18
  4. Gas prices nowadays... - 935K views, channel: Greg Renko
  5. Surely this is Illegal... - 829K views, channel: SidemenShorts

Creators on the Rise

Cooking with Volk: Crumbed CRISPy Chicken Wings

Alex Volkanovski is best known as the current UFC featherweight champion, but the Illawarra-based athlete is also trying his hand at making content and has really hit his stride of late, posting everything from fight analysis and training videos to vlogs and cooking content.

Exploring The RAW Amazon Rainforest for 3 Days

Jorden Tually explores the world creating unique and captivating travel stories, like how to find Voldermort’s grave and the scariest moment of his life. He bravely goes paragliding, hiking and eating his way through some of the most beautiful destinations he can find. Travel enthusiasts far and wide will want to be a fly on the wall to his epic adventures.

Keto Mac and Cheese in 5 minutes| Gluten Free Keto Macaroni

How do you enjoy something like mac and cheese on a carb-restricted diet? Cauliflower, apparently. Hit your goals without destroying your appetite with Cook With Mel, an Aussie creator who specialises in making healthy keto meals, many of which mimic your carb-loaded favourites.


Shame | ContraPoints

Over the last month we’ve seen lots of people talking and confirming what we’ve already known for a while - people ain’t gonna magically stop watching long videos. For all the focus and column inches being commanded by shortform right now, you’d be forgiven for thinking that longform 16x9 content was headed the way of the dinosaur or the skinny jean. But no, lots of people, lots of Gen Z people even, are watching longform content on YouTube. I could point to livestreams or to vodcasts but the best example of longform supremacy - and perhaps the best example of why YouTube content is so unique and interesting at all - is the video essay.

Unsurprisingly, I could write a whole essay about this topic, but ain’t no body got time for that, so let me just say that public intellectuals like ContraPoints and Philosophy Tube are creating content unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

It's too niche for television and too involved for social media, so it could only live on YouTube. Theirs is the perfect midpoint between art and academia with both turning in almost hour long videos that feel like the most engaging lecture you’ve ever attended or the most informative performance art you’ve ever experienced and much of it is breath-takingly personal (see Philosophy Tube’s video essays on coming out as trans, abuse or suicide).

My Pick of the Month

Primitive Technology: Thatched Workshop

Aussie creator John Plant, aka Primitive Technology, has returned from over two years away from YouTube to upload not one but TWO new videos. Please sir, I want some more. His first upload shows how to make a thatched workshop, while his second upload is focused on making a brick kiln, brick moulds and, yep, you guessed it, bricks! Now I know what you're thinking - watching some dude literally make bricks in the bush sounds like the most boring content on the planet, BUT, Plant's MO of wordlessly creating objects through primitive means only (that means no power tools and no tools he didn’t create himself), is oddly intriguing and meditative. That's why he has over 10m subscribers! Longtime fans will know to turn on closed captions for detailed explanations of things you will never ever do in real life. Welcome back, Primitive Technology!

*Each month I spill a little digital ink on what's going on in this little corner of the internet. Pop by each month to read more about what’s happening on YouTube, and discover incredible new content and Australian creators.