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The Vancouver Art Gallery and Google Art Project share Douglas Coupland’s art with the world

From a crowd-sourced installation of Lego structures to a representation of a brain sculpted with 5000 objects from everyday life, Douglas Coupland’s visual artistry is the subject of a new exhibition premiered by the Vancouver Art Gallery and launched online today by the Google Cultural Institute, as part of Google Art Project.

Drawing on ideas ranging from the rise of digital technologies and proliferation of information to the power of language and identity, everywhere is anywhere is anything is everything – the first major museum solo exhibition of Douglas Coupland’s work – attracted more than 80,000 visitors to the Vancouver Art Gallery during its run in 2014. Today, the Vancouver Art Gallery and Google’s Cultural Institute have teamed up to make this acclaimed exhibition accessible to millions more online.

Promotional poster for Coupland artwork

With Street View, you can now take a virtual stroll through the exhibition and experience the breadth of Coupland’s work, from sculpture to painting to assemblage, learning about each work and its significance through detailed descriptions provided by the Vancouver Art Gallery. You can explore some of Coupland’s most significant works, or take a close look at newer installations – like Secret Handshake – created specifically for this show.

Through the Cultural Institute, Google has partnered with more than 600 museums, cultural institutions, and archives to host the world’s cultural treasures – from artworks to landmarks – online and accessible to all. If you can’t make it to Toronto to add your own contribution to Gumhead as the exhibition travels to the Royal Ontario Museum, then be part of the global audience discovering the Vancouver Art Gallery and exploring one of Canada’s most iconic artists online.