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CTV GO Brings Network TV to Chromecast in Canada

From Marvel’s Agent Carter to The Big Bang Theory, Gotham or The Mentalist, it’s never been easier to stream all your favourite CTV shows on the biggest screen in your house – your TV. With the CTV GO app and Google’s Chromecast, just curl up on your couch and cast them from your smartphone or tablet straight to your television.

Image of a TV show

CTV GO is the first app from a Canadian network broadcaster available on Chromecast, giving viewers access to thousands of hours of CTV programming that they can stream directly to their TVs from their iOS and Android mobile devices. There are no remotes, just a simple Cast button appearing in your mobile app that pops your content directly onto your TV so you can seamlessly switch between screens. You can search, browse, play, pause and rewind, or even change the volume of your program simply by using your smartphone.

Image of Google Cast Ready Apps

So instead of using clunky remotes or hovering over a small screen, now everyone at home can sit back, cast and watch Sheldon meet Stephen Hawking in all the glory your big screen has to offer.