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Here’s why these Winnipeg cousins are never “board” creating on YouTube

All You Can Board Introduction video

Like many of us, Dylann Bobei and Carlo Sobral’s lives changed drastically in March 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic left them both with a lot more free time at home. Instead of drifting aimlessly around the house, these cousins from Winnipeg took all their new-found spare time and turned their passion for board games into a budding community on YouTube with their channel All You Can Board.

Dylann and Carlo had initially started their channel very early in 2020, but their videos really started getting views during the global lockdown. When some of us were baking banana bread and standing in line for toilet paper (all valid ways to spend lockdown time), Dylann and Carlo were exploring their hobby playing board games and using the time to create content on YouTube. By focusing on an activity anyone can do at home, Dylann and Carlo were able to find an audience that were bored of being stuck at home and eager to learn more about board games. From there, the cousins quickly saw views rise for their game reviews, recommendations and discussions.

Today, their passion for the hobby has secured more than 11,000 subscribers on their channel - a number that continues to rise each month. More recently, the pair have found ways to leverage their YouTube channel for a great cause. On Saturday, May 28th 2022, the two will participate in a 24-hour Charity Livestream with game playthroughs and giveaways for their fans.

Proceeds from the stream will support Sara Riel - a Winnipeg-based non-profit that provides support to those suffering from mental health and addiction challenges. In the same way that board games helped Dylann and Carlo escape the isolation of lockdown, All You Can Board is now giving back to support mental health services in their own way.

The stream will go live on the All You Can Board YouTube Channel May 28th beginning at 1pm ET / 12pm CT, running for a full 24 hours into Sunday, May 29th.