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Sharing More Olympic Moments with CBC Sports on YouTube

Editor's Note: This blog was guest written by Perdita Felicien, an author, two-time Olympian, ten-time National Champion and the first Canadian woman to win a World Championship gold medal in track and field. Felicien is host of Tokyo Today and proud member of CBC's Tokyo 2020 broadcast team.


This summer in Tokyo, thousands of athletes from around the world will come together and compete on the world’s biggest sporting stage. Some athletes will compete for the first time, others for the last, all will have their eyes on the podium, ready to cement their name in history. Each will carry with them their own journey to the Olympic Games and have their own story to tell of how it all unfolded. 

The Olympic Games is a larger than life event, broadcasted to every corner of the world. The events however, are only the tip of the iceberg - a culmination of years of hard work. What most don’t see are the winding roads and the uphill climb that brought the athletes to the start line. I know first hand that qualifying for the Olympics is no easy feat. Access to training facilities, finding the right coaches and mentors, gaining financial support and weathering injuries are just a few of the obstacles athletes must first overcome. That’s why the Olympic Games are more than just a sporting event, it’s a celebration of years of training, hard work, and sacrifice. 

Olympians play a powerful role in bringing communities together. We inspire others with our skill, grit and determination and every two years, the world has the pleasure of watching us compete for glory at the Olympic Games. As a proud member of CBC’s Olympic broadcast team, we believe it is important to go beyond event coverage and share more moments leading up to and during the Olympic Games that help to create a closer connection between audiences and athletes. 

This summer, CBC is making the Olympic Games more accessible to Canadians by offering more ways to watch, and more Olympic-themed content to enjoy. Through CBC Sports on YouTube, audiences can get a deeper look at the Olympic journey with athlete interviews, full event recaps, viral moments and more behind the scenes content. CBC’s goal is to give audiences more access to Tokyo 2020 and showcase the athletes and the moments that will surely become part of Olympic history.