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Teaching kids about Pride

With colourful flags waving on street corners and big brands putting rainbows on their logos, you’d be hard pressed to miss the fact that Pride has begun. It’s a time to honour diversity, acknowledge struggle, reconcile hurt, celebrate unity and encourage everyone to learn about and embrace inclusivity and equality.

And when it comes to educating the next generation on the significance of the Pride movement and the importance of supporting 2SLGBTQ+ rights, Pride Month can be a perfect opportunity to have these conversations with kids in a safe and open environment.

Over the years, we’ve worked hard to make sure that YouTube is a place where all voices can be heard. This work is never over, and we continue to receive and implement feedback on our policies and processes to support the diverse set of voices, perspectives, genders and races that often struggle to find representation in traditional media. On YouTube, 2SLGBTQ+ creators are able to offer their audiences an inside look into their daily lives and encourage others to be their bold and authentic selves. From sharing math lessons in high-glamour drag, to chronicling life as a lesbian couple, to sharing journies of self discovery, Canadian 2SLGBTQ+ creators are inspiring the next generation to live life on their own terms - and to accept and celebrate others for who they are.

In honour of Pride month, three Canadian YouTubers are sharing their advice on how to talk to kids about pride:

Kyne: Communicate that the community is not a monolith: “Avoid making generalizations and speaking about the 2SLGBTQ+ community with sweeping statements. It’s important to communicate that those in the community are your neighbours, your teachers, your pharmacists. Emphasize that 2SLGBTQ+ people are just like everyone else and just want to be accepted and free.”


Allie & Sam: Creating a safe space to ask questions is key: “When approaching a discussion about Pride, ensure you communicate that it is a safe space to have an open and honest conversation, and that they won’t be judged if they have questions or feelings about the subject. No matter how supportive you may be, kids need that reassurance to feel confident to open up.”

Allie & Sam

Keara Graves: Understanding Identities: “Before you begin the conversation surrounding Pride Month, you must first be educated on different LGBTQ+ identities yourself to make sure you're giving helpful information to your children. Do your own research, taking insight from members of the community. YouTube is a great resource for that. Explain some identities in simple terms so they understand and keep the wording positive and relatable. Discussing pronouns with kids is also important - encouraging them to use pronouns that make them feel comfortable and authentic, or even just introducing the existence of they/them pronouns is a great start."

Keara Graves

For additional resources, check out The 519’s Glossary of Terms, to help facilitate shared understandings around equity, diversity, inclusion and awareness.