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Your YouTube "How To" Guide to the Holidays

The holidays should be a festive time of year, not frenzied. But there’s no need to panic: our community of YouTube gurus is here to keep calm this holiday season with more than 135 million how-to videos.

From figuring out what to do with your leftovers, pleasing your vegan guests, or keeping your kids occupied with holiday-themed activities, these Canadian YouTube Creators have the answers to all your holiday questions.
How to get the party started Whether it's throwing a formal dinner party or entertaining last-minute guests, you're likely to host guests at least once over the holiday season. To impress your guests when they arrive, The Domestic Geek, has tons of easy-to-make crowd pleasers, including the classic cheeseboard, herbed popcorn, sweet rosemary bar nuts and 3 delicious party dips.


How to rock a holiday look under $100

The holiday season means parties galore. Although you want to look your best at all times, you also don’t want to break the bank. Canada’s beauty guru, RachhLoves, shows you how to put together an entire holiday look (outfit, shoes, jewelry, makeup) for under $100.


How to clean your space post-holidays

Cleaning up your holiday decor or cleaning once your guests have left can sometimes be the worst part about the holidays. Not to fear, Melissa Maker of Clean My Space has all sorts of tips for how to clean up post-holiday, including how to clean up after a party, holiday meal cleanup tips, and holiday decor cleanup.


We hope these YouTubers' tutorials can help you impress your guests and loved ones this holiday season. Have a safe and happy holiday!