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YouTube Pops Up in Montreal!

This week, YouTube opened the doors for our first-ever YouTube Pop-Up Space in Montreal - a temporary incubator that offers creators an opportunity to learn from industry experts, connect with fellow YouTube creators in a collaborative setting and use the latest film equipment to create more ambitious and innovative video content.

Over three days, we’ll host 100+ of the top and rising stars of the local Quebec YouTube community for educational workshops, business development training, networking events and hands-on video production in our fully-stocked studio.

YouTube pops up in Montreal

Across Canada, we’re watching more YouTube than ever - in fact, watchtime in Canada has grown 30% over last year. And a recent survey from Ipsos* revealed just how much Quebec in particular loves YouTube, showing that 49% Of Quebec YouTube Users would rather give up alcohol than give up YouTube for a week and 45% of Quebec YouTube Users would rather give up chocolate than give up YouTube for a week!

Quebec is home to a thriving YouTube community, with creators like Emma Verde, Chris Ramsay, PL Cloutier and Lysandre Nadeau growing massive audiences both at home and around the world. Quebecois creators are part of a new generation of Canadian artists who are growing up online and reaching global audiences on YouTube.

YouTube’s open model and global scale dramatically reduce the cost of getting content to international markets. As a result, 90% of views on Canadian channels come from outside of Canada, higher than any other country on the platform. By radically lowering barriers to entry, YouTube has become a powerful platform for creators in Canada to share their voices and their ideas with the world.

YouTube builds interactive communities that allow fans and artists to share, comment and contribute, and our YouTube Spaces are a physical representation of that community phenomenon. We’re committed to helping our Quebec creators continue to grow and thrive as digital entrepreneurs, and we can’t wait to see what they’ll create at YouTube Pop-Up Space Montreal!

Pop up Montreal

*Research conducted by Ipsos on behalf of Google Canada, May 2017