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YouTube shines a spotlight on Canada

Today, we’re making it easier than ever for Canadians to find incredible homegrown talent on YouTube, with the launch of YouTube Spotlight Canada. This new hub for Canadian content will showcase Canada’s top stars in both French and English, and offer one more way to discover emerging Canadian talent.

YouTube shines a spotlight on Canada

Every month, we’ll highlight the creators and the videos that have got Canada clicking, watching and sharing. We’ll introduce you to new Canadian stories, perspectives and personalities. And we’ll share themed playlists to help you explore new topics and trends.

Our first month on YouTube Spotlight Canada is a celebration of the best of the true north, strong and free. Meet the country’s favourite YouTubers, check out highlights from Canada 150 celebrations, relive moments in Canadian history and dive into an incredible roster of indigenous music artists.

This week, we’re also launching the popular Creator on the Rise feature in Canada. Creator on the Rise will identify Canadian creators who are growing rapidly and showcase their videos in the Trending tab on YouTube, helping them build an even bigger audience. Every week we’ll bring you a new creator to keep your eye on.

Canada’s YouTubers are part of a new generation of Canadian artists growing up online, and finding fans both at home and around the world. YouTube’s open model and global scale reduces the cost of getting content to international markets. As a result, 90% of views on Canadian channels come from outside of Canada, which is higher than any other country on the platform. By lowering barriers to entry, it’s become a powerful platform for creators in Canada to get their voice heard.

We hope that you’ll visit the YouTube Spotlight Canada channel (don’t forget to subscribe!) and get to know the Canadians who are taking the world by storm.