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#YouTubeBlack Voices Fund Now Open to Canadian Creators


Canadian YouTube creators who identify as Black can now apply for the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund here.

Last year, we announced the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund, as part of our commitment to supporting racial equity. The multi-year global initiative is dedicated to amplifying the stories and experiences of Black creators and artists on YouTube. Today we are thrilled to announce that the fund is now open to Black Canadian creators on YouTube. 

The beauty of YouTube is its ability to connect creators and users from around the world, helping people share their stories and experiences with others. It not only provides a platform for connection but opportunities to listen and learn from diverse voices. 
The #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund was created to support the Black creator community and amplify their voices. Grantees receive dedicated support from a Youtube Partner Manager, and seed funding for content creation. They attend workshops and masterclasses on cultivating new content ideas, video production skills, wellbeing, and more. They also get exclusive access to social and community programmes. 

Its inaugural year, more than 130 grantees from countries including the United States, Brazil, the United Kingdom, and Kenya participated. It included creators from across categories like music, lifestyle, education, activism and more. Aysha Harun, a Black, Muslim, beauty and lifestyle creator from Canada, now living in the U.S., was part of the class of 2021. 

“My experience has been great so far,” Aysha said. “The grant has allowed me to reinvest in my channel by hiring an editor, and bringing on an assistant to my team. The incubators have given me early access to features that keep me ahead of the game in terms of optimization. I’ve had more opportunities with partners to participate in panels and speaking engagements. And I’ve had complete autonomy with the grant, which makes my life as a creator a lot less stressful.” 

 Over the next few years, the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund will support 500+ creators and artists from around the world. We are thrilled to extend the #YouTubeBlack Voices Fund to Canadian creators this year. 

Applications are now open for the Class of 2022. Canadian creators who identify as Black are encouraged to apply here by July 11.