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Bringing the beauty of Mosul’s art & culture a little closer with the help of technology

Art and Soul of Mosul with Google Arts & Culture

Mosul is a city with a rich and vibrant history. Nestled in Iraq’s proverbial cradle of civilizations, Mosul’s heritage dates back to the 25th century BCE. To help preserve iconic cultural landmarks and to  shed light on the beauty of Mosulian art and history, we’re launching “The Art & Soul of Mosul” on Google Arts & Culture in collaboration with Iraqi community radio station AlGhad Radio to help Mosulian artists share their culture and stories with the world. 

Using Google Arts & Culture’s cutting-edge technology and as part of our efforts to help preserve local heritage sites across the Middle East, people can discover the Noori Complex, an icon that faced destruction. You can also walk through Mosul’s Old City using Street View and view 3D models of heritage sites at risk, such as Mosul’s first mosque and one of its oldest churches

You can also immerse yourself in the world of Mosul's artists through in-painting tours and videos. At the heart of the project is the incredible artwork which brings to life the stories of the city and the people, including the lives of women and children during and after the war. Some of the artwork was displayed during the 2019 "Return to Mosul" exhibition hosted at the Mosul Cultural Museum in Iraq, however, this new digital exhibition helps give the artwork a permanent, virtual home.

Our Dreams Mousse Nasser
Mosul painting

Marwan Tariq, an artist who participated in the 2018 exhibition said "the message of the workshop to the world is that the city of Mosul, the city of art, is still alive despite the destruction and grinding war that destroyed people and the infrastructure…. it is full of life and peace." 

Marwan, like many other artists and residents of Mosul have their own stories of perseverance which people can listen to and also discover how one community worked together to rebuild a neighbourhood.
The Art & Soul of Mosul is Google Arts & Culture's latest project showcasing the contemporary culture and ancient heritage of the Middle East. We hope to continue working with partners to help share the beauty of the region's art, culture and stories with the world.