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Kulluna Online - The importance of online safety

I was born into a world without the Internet. If I wanted to send important documents to my family abroad, I had to find a post office or a place I trust would not lose my irreplaceable university transcripts.

With a simple click, today I can send these documents using the many email services available such as Gmail. Similar to the caution I exercised when choosing a postal service to send my university transcripts back in the day, I made sure to understand how to keep my documents, pictures, and other belongings safe on email. Saudi youth today  however are born into this digital world and start using the internet from a very young age. It’s important that they too understand how to keep themselves safe online.

Video that shows parts of the event gathering

That is why we are in Riyadh today where we launched with our partners at the MiSK and the Saudi Ministry of Education the Kulluna Online program to drive digital awareness and how Saudi youth can use the Internet safely and responsibly.

Over the course of the program, Google-trained instructors from MiSK will lead assemblies in all private and public schools in Saudi Arabia for students between grades four and eight. The assemblies will focus on five key practices:

  • Thinking before posting something online
  • Keeping online belongings safe
  • Understanding privacy settings and how to use them
  • How to identify online fraud
  • Acting positively and responsibly online  

Developed and localized by our team here at Google in Dubai, we made sure that the lessons in these assemblies are relevant and engaging for Saudi  students. The assemblies will draw from everyday experiences any of the students (aged between 9 and 14) could have gone through, and will also depend on a gamified experience to make sure the lessons are memorable.

Google shares the responsibility of equipping young people the skills and confidence they need to navigate the web and get the most out of the internet. We are proud to cooperate  with MiSK to spread a culture of digital awareness and look forward to seeing Kulluna Online’’s impact.