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Mideast & North Africa

Support for Relief Efforts in Morocco and Libya

Our thoughts are with the people of Morocco and Libya at this difficult time. Google is using its products, services, and funding to help the tens of thousands of people impacted by the devastating earthquakes over the weekend in Morocco, and the floods on Monday in Libya. Our support to date includes:

SOS alerts on Search and Maps
During times of crisis, it is important more than ever for people to have access to reliable information and authoritative sources. To help people in Morocco and Libya, the black ribbon icon on the landing page of Google Search links to SOS alerts on Search and Maps in Arabic, French & English, directing those affected by the earthquakes and floods, and their loved ones, to much needed useful information which we continue to update with authoritative sources. Additionally, we are making sure that emergency numbers and blood donation centers where available are listed as ‘open/available’ on Google Maps.

Relief Donations for NGOs will match employee donations through our gift match program, and grant 500k USD of additional support to organizations providing recovery efforts in Morocco and Libya. In addition, is providing Ad Grants to promote awareness, drive donations, and support recovery efforts in both countries. 

We will continue to look for more ways to offer help through Google's products and services.