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Mideast & North Africa

Company announcements

Extending Support to Syria and Turkey

As devastating earthquakes have impacted tens of thousands of people in Syria and Turkey, Google is leaning on its products, services and funding through to help support recovery and relief efforts on the ground.

Our support to date includes:

Relief Donations and Ad Grants for NGOs and Googlers have committed over $5 million to NGOs in Turkey and Syria that are conducting relief and recovery efforts in the regions impacted by the earthquakes. We will also provide Google ad grants to NGOs to support their campaigns there and reach new audiences.

SOS alerts on Search and YouTube

During times of crisis, it is an even more critical duty for us to help people get access to reliable information and sources. For this reason, during the first week of the disaster, we directed users on our Google Search main page and on YouTube with a black ribbon icon to Turkish, Arabic and English SOS warnings. These warnings provided access to emergency phone numbers, websites, maps and the important notices by authorities to those who are affected by the earthquakes as well as their relatives.

Android Alerts

Text alerts were sent to millions of Android users, thanks to the Android Earthquake Warning System that functions to detect early signs of earthquake using the accelerometers in Android phones.

Ads and User Safety

The online safety of our users is among our top priorities during disasters. We will continue to check for violations of our advertising policies that regulate the types of ads and advertisers we allow on our platforms. To prevent fraudulent and malicious ads and protect our users, we monitor ads, search keywords and URLs 24/7 and take action against advertisers that violate our policies wherever necessary.

We will continue to closely monitor the situation and offer help through Google's products and services.