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Enabling accurate location for emergency services in Dubai

Around 95% of calls to emergency services in the UAE come from mobile phones. To first responders receiving these calls, getting timely and accurate information about the caller could help save lives. Current location services heavily rely on cell towers which can have a radius of up to several kilometers. This creates a challenge for emergency services to identify the exact location of the caller.

To enhance the state of emergency services, we collaborated with Dubai Police to launch Android Emergency Location Service (ELS) for the first time in the Middle East and North Africa. This feature is designed to provide more accurate location both indoor and outdoor to first responders during an emergency.

Your Android phone will send your location info to emergency services only when you dial in an emergency number. This feature is solely for the use of emergency service providers, and your precise location is never seen or handled by Google.

Android Emergency Location Service is currently supported by over 99% of existing Android devices (running at least Android 4.0), and built into Google Play Services. Our life-saving feature is now fully activated in Dubai. If you are an emergency infrastructure provider interested in Android Emergency Service Location, get in touch with us.