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Google Pay and Google Wallet are coming to Qatar

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Millions of people use their phones everyday to tap and pay at stores, pay for public transportation, save boarding passes and more. That's why today, Google Wallet is launching in Qatar to bring a safer, simpler and more helpful payment experience to people and support digital items such as loyalty cards and boarding passes. 
Google Wallet will be available on Android phones, tablets and watches (supported by Wear OS) and will standardize the way you save and access essential items such as payment cards, boarding and loyalty passes. It will provide an easy, universal way for people to access cards and passes irrespective of the device.

Bringing Google Wallet to Qatar

Starting today, cardholders of Dukhan Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Qatar National Bank and The Commercial Bank will be able to add their cards to Google Wallet and pay with their Android phones or WearOS devices where contactless payments are accepted. People will be able to save and access payment cards, loyalty cards and  boarding passes from global airlines that support Google Wallet.

Using Google Wallet is simple

If you already have a credit or debit card saved to your Google account, it will automatically appear in Google Wallet; you’ll just need to set it up for contactless payments by following the steps on screen. If you don’t have a card saved and would like to add a new card to Wallet, select the “Add a card” prompt in the carousel at the top of the page, and you’ll be prompted to review and accept the Issuer terms and conditions before use. Once you accept and verify your card information, cards will be tokenized and ready for use in Google Wallet and you can use it to tap and pay in stores and pay online wherever you see the Google Pay or contactless symbol.
Just tap and pay with Google Pay
Enjoy convenient and secure checkout with Google Pay everywhere contactless payments are accepted. Once your cards are added to Google Wallet, you can just tap and pay with your phone or smartwatch, knowing that your payments are safely encrypted before, during, and after every purchase.  

Using Google Wallet is secure

Privacy and security are the cornerstone of Google Wallet, which includes industry-standard tokenization.  When you use Google Wallet, transactions are made using an alternate card number (a token), which is device-specific and is associated with a dynamic security code that changes with each transaction. 
We also want to provide transparency and control around how information is managed, and you can update these settings from the Google Wallet app or on your computer at 
Also, if your phone is ever lost or stolen, you can simply use the ““Find My Device”” function to instantly lock your device from anywhere, secure it with a new password, or even wipe it clean of your personal information.
Google Wallet is available for download in the Google Play Store today.

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