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Mideast & North Africa


This year, in Search

We look forward to this time of the year all year long. It’s when we take a look at the past 11 month and remember the people, events, and topics that captured our attention which got us to ask and discover.

A video that captures the top searched questions around the world in 2017

We gathered the most trending queries in each of Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and the UAE. The lists had a few things in common, especially between Egypt and Saudi Arabia where the more traditional songs dominated the top songs list. Football was also a common theme between the two countries as the games and players that helped qualify the Saudi Arabian and Egyptian football teams to the 2018 World Cup topped the lists.

Together with millions of people around the world, we searched for the year’s most important moments on Google. We were happy to see the role Search plays in our everyday lives, whether it was to find much anticipated high school results, or the opening of the Louvre Abu Dhabi.

Saudi Arabia
1. Citizen’s Account
2. Faris System
3. Sheilat Zelzela
4. Heloul 5. Future Gate
6. Qatar
7. Shabab Al Bomb
8. Shuaib Rashed
9. iPhone 8
10. Spinner

United Arab Emirates
1. Indian Premier League 2017
2. iPhone 8
3. Dangal
4. Ramadan
5. Bitcoin
6. Louvre Abu Dhabi
7. Despacito
8. Diwali
9. Fidget Spinner
10. VAT in the UAE


1. Results of Primary certificate
2. World Cup draw
3. Selsal Al Dam series
4. El Keif song
5. Professional Academy for Teachers
6. Egyptian Knowledge Bank
7. Egypt and Cameroon football game
8. Despacito
9. Al Ahly SC elections
10. Burma

You can browse through the 2017 Year in Search results for Saudi Arabia, the UAE, and Egypt on the Google Trends website.