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4 ways Google can help you celebrate Ramadan

Family illustration while having dinner (Iftar) during Ramadan, along with colorful lanterns

Ramadan is the month when Muslims worldwide share the values of empathy, kindness and generosity. Whether you’re celebrating with family or just starting to learn about the holiday, Google can help you observe Ramadan with these four tools.

1. Celebrate Ramadan’s joy with colors and greetings

Simply search for “Ramadan 2023” in your language, and you will have access to all the information related to this month, including access to greeting cards online. You can also scroll through our Ramadan coloring book, where you can engage your inner artist and color beautiful artwork with Google Arts & Culture to share with your family and friends.

A screens showing how it is possible to color an art piece online on Google Arts & Culture app

2. Browse our shopping guide for inspiration

To help you prepare for Ramadan, we’ve created a Ramadan Shopping Guide which collects trending products that are helpful during Ramadan in countries within the Middle East, North Africa and Indonesia.

When we analyzed search and shopping trends, we found a few common themes. Search interest related to home decoration, like Ramadan lanterns, grew 20% year over year. A similar spike was observed in searches for new recipes and kitchen appliances as families gather for Iftar (to break their fast). Plus, during Ramadan people search more for gaming gadgets to play with their friends and health-related products like sports hijab to stay fit.

Screen that shows a Lantern and options to buy decorations during Ramadan

Image of the Ramadan Shopping Guide on Mobile

3. Shop what you see

By using the camera on your phone, you can search for a delicious type of dessert you’ve tried at your friend’s house, or find your next favorite decoration item to buy during Ramadan. You can open the Google app on your phone, and tap on the camera icon. Just snap a photo or screenshot and you’ll find exact or similar results to shop from or to explore for inspiration with the help of Google Lens.

Showing how to discover a Lantern on Google Lens

Using Google Lens to search and shop for your next Lantern

4. Search for your next recipe

Ramadan is the month where family and friends gather to break their fast, and share the same meal. If your plan this Ramadan to improve your cooking skills by experimenting, then go ahead and explore dishes from around the world. Simply type the name of the dish into Search, and the word recipe next to it, and you will see a list of recipes to get inspiration and instructions on how to master each dish.

Showing Kunafa recipe on Google Search

Kunafa is amongst the top searched dishes in Ramadan - just type ‘Kunafa Recipe’ to know more!

We hope this Ramadan brings you and your loved ones joy — and that this year’s features from Google help you find the information you need to make the most of this special time of the year.