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Discovering the historical area of Jeddah with Beeko!

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In the second episode of Saraina m3 Google “Let’s Go with Google”, the Saudi content creator, Marak Beeko joins Sultan AlBadran who is a Saudi architect, in a tour inside Al-Balad, the historical area of Jeddah.

During the tour, Maram and Sultan uses Google Search and Google Lens to answer a few riddles about the neighborhood. They also meet the Local Guide on Google Maps, Abrar, where she tells them about her journey on Google Maps and how she helped many local businesses grow online.

If you haven’t yet watched our previous episodes, Saraina m3 Google (Let’s Go with Google) is an initiative that features three road trip experiences in Jeddah by Saudi content creators who explore hidden gems and destinations in history, art and nature with the help of Google.

Watch the full episode on YouTube, with English subtitles, and stay tuned for the finale very soon.