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Moroccan football team sparks interest on Google Search

A woman speaking about the top searched questions related to the Moroccan football team on Google

Over the past week, people from all over the world were curious to learn about the Moroccan team on Google Search, including their unbelievable players. To celebrate their extraordinary performance yesterday, Google is sharing the list of top searched queries about both the Moroccan team and French team over the past week.

Top trending questions on the Moroccan team, past week in France

  1. Est-ce que Hakimi parle français ? (Does Hakimi speak French?)
  2. Que vaut l'équipe du Maroc ? (What is the Moroccan team worth?)
  3. Qui est Hakimi ? (Who is Hakimi?)
  4. Qui est l'entraîneur de l'équipe du Maroc ? (Who is the Moroccan coach?)
  5. Pourquoi les lions de l'Atlas ? (Why are they called the Atlas Lions?)

Top trending questions on the French team, past week in Morocco

  1. ما هي الساعة التي سيلعب فيها المنتخب المغربي ضد فرنسا بتوقيت المغرب (What time will Moroccan team play against France in MOR timezone?)
  2. الخطة التي يلعب بها المنتخب الفرنسي (Team plan for France)
  3. عدد المباريات التي خاضها المنتخب المغربي ضد فرنسا (Total number of matches the Moroccan team played against France)
  4. ما هي الفرق التي لعبت ضد المنتخب الفرنسي في مونديال قطر (What are the teams that played against France in FIFA World Cup Qatar)
  5. سنة التي توجت فرنسا بكأس العالم (What year did France win the World Cup)

Top Trends


  • "Breakout" means the search term had a tremendous increase, in some cases because these queries are new and had few (if any) prior searches.
  • Top or Most Searched: The "top searched" queries are those that rank highest by search volume for a given timeframe and location.
  • Trending Searches: "Trending" queries are the search terms that had the highest spike in traffic over a given time period as compared with the previous equivalent period.