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Mideast & North Africa


Mars, Zakat, and Mangoes: Meet this year’s top trending searches

Most people come to Google Search either out of curiosity or necessity. The Year in Search lists is a great resource for anyone trying to understand what were the events, people, things, and questions that were on top of people’s minds over the past 12 months. 

Millions of Arabic speakers asked Search this year about a wide range of things. For us, it’s imperative that Google Search truly understands what you’re looking for, because a good answer ultimately depends on our understanding of the question being asked. Although Search is the first product of Google, it remains our greatest moonshot till this day as we continue to innovate not only in solutions for new challenges, but also innovate to make what we have built even better. 

This year we saw major improvements in our ability to better understand Arabic queries thanks to a new technology we announced in June called Multitask Unified Model, or MUM; a milestone in artificial intelligence which helps Google Search help you when the answer to your query is not very simple. One of the very first languages to have MUM applied to was our very own Arabic, helping millions of people find answers to their vaccine-related questions. For Year in Search, you will find that people have a variety of interests, all listed below. This year also saw breakout searches, which are queries that experienced the highest volume of searches within a limited time since 2011 (or trended the most in the query’s lifetime). 

  1. In Saudi Arabia, the word “Zakat” trended at an all time high since 2011 around Ramadan this year as people searched for ways to give back to their communities.  
  2. In Egypt, the word “mangoes” trended more than ever this year after a heat wave destroyed some of the iconic fruit’s crops. 
  3. In the United Arab Emirates, people looked to the sky as the first Arab-led space mission made its way into orbit around planet Mars, pushing the word “mars” to the top of the trending charts. 

As for us, know that we’re constantly working on making sure Search helps you find the best possible answers to all your questions - whether they’re about an upcoming football match or your favorite movies, all the way to your research projects whether they’re academic or just curiosities. 
United Arab Emirates


  1. india vs england
  2. Euro Cup
  3. Ramadan 2021
  4. Tropical Cyclone Shaheen
  5. Expo 2020
  6. iphone 13
  7. Alef
  8. Squid Game
  9. Olympics 2021
  10. Hope Mission

Destinations & events

  1. Expo
  2. Global Village
  3. al baik
  4. gitex 2021
  5. dubai airshow 2021

How-to questions

  1. how to check visa status
  2. how to change mobile number in emirates id
  3. how to calculate gratuity in UAE
  4. how to pronounce
  5. how to recall email in outlook
  6. how to check individual police fine
  7. how to solve a rubik's cube
  8. how to register for covid vaccine in Dubai
  9. how to lower blood pressure

Saudi Arabia 

Top Sports Queries

  1. Al Hilal
  2. Al Nasr
  3. AFC League
  4. Real Madrid
  5. Al Ahli (Saudi Arabia)
  6. Al Ittihad
  7. Al Hilal vs Al Nasr
  8. Spanish league rank
  9. Adel Al Tawirji

Events and destinations

  1. Riyadh Season
  2. National Day 91
  3. Hour of Code
  4. Saudi International Falcon Hunting & Exhibition
  5. Haramain High Speed Railway
  6. Mrsool Park
  7. Ramadan 2021
  8. Riyadh Book Fair
  9. India vs England
  10. Saudi League

TV Shows

  1. Madrasati
  2. Saudi League ranking
  3. Al Hilal
  4. Rashash (TV Show)
  5. iPhone 12
  6. Riyadh Season
  7. Paralympics
  8. Vox Cinema
  9. Manga
  10. Palestine


TV Shows

  1. Nasl Al Aghrab
  2. Al Ikhtiyar 2
  3. Mlook Al Gadana
  4. Musa
  5. Lulu
  6. Squid Game
  7. Ramez Aalo Taar
  8. Al Nemr
  9. Laeba Newton
  10. Khali Balak min Zizi

Top Personalities

  1. Pasant Shawki
  2. Percy Tao
  3. Dina Dash
  4. Omar Marmoush
  5. Wael Al Ibrashi
  6. Carlos Queiroz
  7. Hisham Ashour
  8. Mostafa Mohamad
  9. Hala Shiha
  10. Mohamed Farrag


  1. Al Ahly
  2. High School Results
  3. Corona Vaccine Registration
  4. Sherihan
  5. Summer Olympics
  6. Plural of milk
  7. Palestine flag
  8. Chinese rocket
  9. Renaissance Dam
  10. Samir Ghanem

General Lists 


  1. Eschool
  2. Barcelona
  3. Corona test
  4. Visit Jordan
  5. Al Rawabi School for Girls
  6. Central Elections Commission
  7. Abu Obeida
  8. Zuheir Ramadan
  9. Al Heiba Jabal
  10. Palestine flag


  1. Newton Platform
  2. La Liga Lists
  3. Iraq v South Korea
  4. Summer Olympics
  5. Raghd Saddam Hussein
  6. Paralympics
  7. TikTok
  8. Squid Game
  9. Virus (TV Show)
  10. National card registration


  1. Real Madrid
  2. Ninth grade results
  3. Al Haiba Jabal
  4. Zuhair Ramadan
  5. Ramadan TV Shows
  6. Background images
  7. Sabah Fakhri
  8. Eid Al Adha
  9. Sad songs
  10. Syria at Expo


  1. Today’s games
  2. Al Awal
  3. Primary Education Results
  4. Algeria v Burkina Faso
  5. Squid’s Game
  6. Children’s Day
  7. First Day of School
  8. Palestine
  9. Royland Garros
  10. Olympics