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Improving yield, speed and control with DoubleClick for Publishers First Look and exchange bidding

Today we’re announcing that First Look is available to all DoubleClick for Publishers clients globally and that we’ve begun testing exchange bidding in Dynamic Allocation. 

Our goal is to help publishers thrive and create sustainable businesses with advertising. With the transition to mobile, publishers only have a split second to deliver the most relevant and highest paying ads to maximize their overall yield. Research shows that an extra 1 second of load time on mobile can result in 58% higher bounce rates.1 That’s why we’ve been working on two new features that use the power of real-time bidding and the efficiency of server-side connections to generate greater revenue for publishers without compromising user experience.

Higher revenue with no client side code or added waiting

A few months ago, we announced the Beta of DoubleClick for Publishers First Look. Since then, we’ve had over 200 partners test the feature and the results have been great. Publishers like Gannett, Grupo Zeta, Gumtree, Sankei Digital, Scripps, Time Inc., and Zoopla have seen their programmatic revenue increase by double-digit percentages. Today, we’re happy to open this feature to all our DoubleClick partners.
We want to monetize all of our inventory and all of our audiences to the greatest extent that we can. Since implementing First Look, we’ve seen a 15 percent lift in eCPMs of our programmatic channel. -Tim Wolfe
VP of Revenue Operations, Gannett

Testing server-side connections for more accurate pricing

While First Look makes it easy for publishers to capture new revenue from high-paying buyers, we are also testing a new technology to help publishers manage yield between multiple exchanges and supply-side platforms (SSPs). 

Exchange bidding in Dynamic Allocation will allow publishers to invite trusted third-party exchanges and SSPs to submit real-time prices using industry-standard RTB calls. These prices will be considered along with bids from the DoubleClick Ad Exchange and the publisher’s reservation campaigns to pick the highest-paying ad. Exchange bidding also empowers publishers with unified and accurate reporting on the revenue they are earning from each exchange/SSP. And just like First Look, exchange bidding works with no additional client-side code.  

We are working on this new technology with exchanges like Index Exchange and Rubicon Project, along with a select group of publishers including, Hearst, Meredith Corporation, and Zillow. Before we scale exchange bidding to more partners, we will evaluate the results from our pilot testing and consult with participating buyers, sellers, and exchanges/SSPs to ensure that this solution helps the programmatic marketplace continue to grow and thrive. 

With First Look and exchange bidding in Dynamic Allocation, we are continuing to help publishers get the highest yield for every impression without sacrificing user experience.

1.Soata Case study: Mobile pages that are 1 second faster experience up to 27% increase in conversion rate”