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Publisher tips and resources for 2023

Image showing a calendar year changing from 2022 to 2023

Over the last year, we saw so many stories about how advertising is helping fund the creation of amazing content. To start the year, we’re recapping some of our latest solutions and resources to help publishers of all sizes get the most from their advertising in 2023.

Learn about ads privacy changes

In 2022, the digital advertising industry continued to shift toward solutions to help meet people’s expectations for online privacy. To help you better understand what changed and how to adapt your advertising business, check out our new privacy-focused resources: Watch new episodes of our Publisher Privacy Q&A series, and read our research reports from Deloitte to understand how publishers in Europe, North America, and Asia are preparing for the future of privacy.

Invest in first-party data

Tapping into existing user relationships and the information they agree to share, also known as first-party data, can help publishers succeed, meet advertisers’ business needs and deliver relevant ad experiences in a privacy-forward way. That’s why we released new solutions like publisher first party cookies and publisher provided signals, among others. To help you learn more about these tools and create and activate first-party data using Google’s publisher ad platforms, check out our Publisher Privacy Playbook. You can also complete the Privacy-forward Solutions for Publishers course on Skillshop to level up your knowledge of Ad Manager’s first-party data solutions.

Create more competition for your ads

You have a wide range of options to monetize your content online, from direct-sold reservations to programmatic deals, and even integrating with third-party supply side platforms. That’s why we’re focused on developing solutions that give you the flexibility and choice to sell your inventory in the way that works for your business. These solutions can also help you reduce the complexity of your ad stack, unify your ads performance reporting, and improve the accuracy of your auctions. Some of those investments include optimization capabilities and features like Dynamic Allocation and Open Bidding, as well as our recently launched header bidding in yield groups.

Get inspiration from others

As you think about new opportunities for 2023, see what’s possible with advertising by visiting the Google for Publishers site. Then learn how Ad Manager solutions can help you grow your ads business reading other publishers’ success stories. For example, see how DAZN delivered relevant ads to must-watch sporting events on Connected TVs globally, or learn how the Wall Street Journal saw success with their first party data strategy.

You create the content, games, tools and videos that make up the internet we all enjoy. We’re here to help you fund that content with advertising, and we look forward to continuing to support you in 2023. ​​

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