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Three things to know about Google Ad Manager

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It’s been a little over a month since we introduced our newly branded ad monetization platform, Google Ad Manager. Bringing together DoubleClick for Publishers and DoubleClick Ad Exchange, this unified platform helps you earn more money and protects your brand in all the new places people are watching, playing or surfing -- from traditional desktops to mobile apps and smart TVs.

If you're a customer of Google Ad Manager, you're already familiar with much of what Ad Manager can do. But here are some facts that may still surprise you.

Mobile in pocket

1. It’s small enough to fit inside your pocket

The majority of ads served by Ad Manager are to non-desktop devices.1 In fact, ads delivered to mobile apps grew by more than 60 percent last year alone.2

As people consume more content on the go, and as the next generation of internet users comes online via smartphones first, mobile ads in apps and on the web continue to grow and remain important. According to eMarketer, mobile advertising is growing at nearly 24 percent per year and will account for more than a third of all advertising spend in 2018. That share will rise to 48 percent by 2022.

Google Connected TV

2. Ad Manager also handles TV commercials

Digital video ads generated nearly $12 billion in revenue last year, a 33 percent spike over 2016, according to the Interactive Advertising Bureau. While the vast majority of those video ads were delivered to phones or computers, an increasing number are being displayed on smart TVs.

Whether your audience is watching live sports or their favorite TV show on-demand, Google Ad Manager can deliver the right commercial break experiences in the living room, keeping people watching.  Last year alone, video ad impressions served to connected TVs using Ad Manager increased by more than 80 percent.3


3. ...And speaks Swedish

Also Arabic, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, and several flavors of English. All told, Ad Manager serves programmatic ads from Authorized Buyers in 44 languages, with 33 regional sales teams serving customers in almost every country in the world.4 Skȧl!

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