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Tune in: New partnerships, features for TV broadcasters in DoubleClick

Today, Daniel Alegre, Google’s President of Global Partnerships, will share an update on new partnerships for DoubleClick video business and announce two new features for broadcasters in DoubleClick for Publishers in his keynote at the NAB Show. The new features are Dynamic Ad Insertion, enabling ads to be personalized for each unique viewer watching live or on-demand TV programming; and smarter ad breaks that give broadcasters and distributors greater control.

Personalized TV ads with DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion

Addressable TV advertising, with ads tailored for individual viewers, has long been on the wish list for broadcasters, distributors and advertisers. Tailored ads tend to perform better for advertisers, since they reach the right audience with the right message. They also mean more relevant and useful ads for viewers. 

Dynamic Ad Insertion in DoubleClick is a big step towards bringing addressable advertising to TV broadcasters and distributors. Rather than a “one-size-fits-all” approach, this feature lets broadcasters create individual streams using server-side ad insertion, which can then seamlessly deliver tailored ads, across both online screens and set-top box video on demand. This builds on our experiments with dynamic ad insertion into live linear TV through the Google Fiber set-top-box that we announced at last year’s NAB Show. 

DoubleClick Dynamic Ad Insertion - Addressable TV ads
Some of our partners have already put this new feature to the test, with Dynamic Ad Insertion supporting two of the highest profile TV events in the last year: the Rugby World Cup Finals on TF1, the leading network in France, and the Republican Presidential Debates on Fox News, a leading news network in the US. For the millions of viewers that tuned in, TF1 and Fox News were able to deliver a fully addressable viewing experience using Dynamic Ad Insertion.

Smarter TV ad breaks

Daniel will also announce new capabilities for DoubleClick clients that will give them more control over what ads run together during ad breaks, a long-time standard for television. This could mean being able to separate competitors’ ads, like making sure that two automotive ads don’t appear together. It could also help broadcasters comply with other rules, like ensuring an alcohol ad and children's cereal ad don’t run in the same break. This new capability will be available across all of a broadcaster’s ad inventory, direct sold and programmatic.

Smarter TV Ad Breaks in DoubleClick

New partnerships

DoubleClick is focused on building advertising solutions that meet the changing needs of the TV ecosystem. We’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the leading brands in TV like AMC in the US and Globo is South America on advertising technology tailored for TV. Today we add three more to the list: we’re happy to welcome MCN, Roku and Cablevision as partners. They’ve all signed on to use DoubleClick for Publishers to serve ads and monetize cross-screen TV and video content. 

“As the conventional TV and digital video worlds converge, people are watching more content than ever across a variety of screens. At Cablevision, we’re focused on developing innovative solutions that deliver the best experience for our viewers in this new cross-screen world and unlocking new opportunities for our advertisers. We are enthusiastic about using Google's DoubleClick for seamless advertising delivery across our set-top boxes and connected devices. Together, we are enabling more personalized and relevant ads with addressable and dynamic ad insertion.” 

- Kristin Dolan, Chief Operating Officer, Cablevision 

 You can watch the live stream of Daniel’s keynote at 9 AM PT here.

Posted by Rany Ng Director of Product Management, Video & TV Advertising, Google