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Introducing Gemini to Google Ads

Generative AI can empower advertisers from streamlining campaign creation to increasing the effectiveness of ads as the consumer Search experience evolves. Last year, we introduced a new era of AI-powered ads along with a commitment to ensuring advertisers have the opportunity to reach potential customers along their search journeys. Today, we’re sharing an update on our progress.

Building better Search campaigns through Gemini-powered chat

As we announced last month, Gemini, our largest and most capable AI model, will expand to more of our core products in the coming months, including Google Ads. We’ve been actively testing Gemini to further enhance our ads solutions. And, we’re pleased to share that Gemini is now powering the conversational experience. It’s the first of many Gemini integrations to come.

Beta access to the conversational experience in Google Ads is now fully available to English language advertisers in the U.S. and U.K. It will begin rolling out globally to all English language advertisers over the next few weeks. We’re excited to open up access in additional languages in the months ahead and look forward to hearing your feedback.

The conversational experience workflow is designed to help you build better Search campaigns through a chat-based experience. It combines your expertise with Google AI. All you need to start is your website URL and Google AI will help you create optimized Search campaigns by generating relevant ad content, including creatives and keywords.

Over the last few months, we’ve been testing the conversational experience with a small group of advertisers. We observed that it helps them build higher quality Search campaigns with less effort. One of the ways we measure this is with a metric called Ad Strength that looks at the relevance, quality and diversity of your ad copy and gives you a score from “Poor” all the way up to “Excellent.”

I found the conversational experience very easy to use. It helped me create even more high-quality ads with ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ Ad Strength, which has further improved the performance of my campaigns. Tom Foster
Paid Search Manager at Page1

As Search becomes more visual, we’ve heard advertisers tell us that it can be challenging to create compelling images that drive performance. That’s why we designed the conversational experience to suggest images tailored to your campaign using generative AI and images from your landing page. This capability will be added over the coming months. Advertisers approve assets — including images — before the campaign goes live.

All images created with generative AI in Google Ads, including the conversational experience, will be identified as such. We’re using SynthID to invisibly watermark these images and they will include open standard metadata to indicate the image was generated by AI.

Chat your way into better performance with the conversational experience in Google Ads

Our data shows that small business advertisers that use the conversational experience in Google Ads are 42% more likely to publish Search campaigns with “Good” or “Excellent” Ad Strength.1 This is significant because we’ve found a strong correlation between Ad Strength and conversions. For example, advertisers who improve Ad Strength for their responsive search ads from “Poor” to “Excellent” see 12% more conversions on average.2

Taking a bold and responsible AI approach

We share the industry’s enthusiasm for AI’s potential to unlock value for consumers and advertisers alike. New use cases — and opportunities — are emerging on a regular basis as AI continues to evolve quickly. And that’s why we think AI will continue to make our products even more useful.

As we continue to explore what’s possible with AI, we remain committed to developing and applying this new technology responsibly. We believe the best way to do this is by upholding our AI principles that we established in 2018.

Stay tuned for more AI-powered updates to Google Ads in the year ahead. And if you’re interested in getting started with AI today, check out our AI Essentials.

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Source: Google internal data, Global, English Search campaigns published using the conversational experience in Google Ads vs English Search campaigns published not using the experience, 8/21/2023 – 10/22/2023


Source: Google Internal Data