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How brands can get the most out of YouTube Shorts ads

YouTube Shorts is a key part of viewing, extending what people already like about YouTube. Marketers have an opportunity to reach people in discovery or action mindsets with short-form video, as viewers choose YouTube for entertainment, information and connection they can’t get anywhere else. According to a survey by Material, screened respondents in the US reported using YouTube Shorts the most among short-form video providers on a monthly basis.1

Since its introduction, YouTube Shorts has amassed an audience of 2 billion logged-in users every month2 and 70 billion daily views3. We’re also seeing Shorts viewership on connected TVs explode — jumping more than 100% globally between January and September 2023,4 which is why we recently introduced Shorts ads to connected TV screens. To further expand what’s possible with short-form video, we’re introducing new ways for brands to get the most out of their Shorts ads.

New lineups for YouTube Select Shorts

For advertisers with specific branding goals, you can ensure your ads appear alongside top content with YouTube Select Shorts. According to MediaScience, YouTube Select Shorts ads are viewed for 90% longer than ads on other social competitors.5

So brands can stay top-of-mind in key content areas, we’re offering advertisers the ability to reach engaged audiences through new lineups in sports; entertainment; beauty, fashion & lifestyle; food & recipes; gaming; and automotive.

Brooks Brothers, an American retailer selling luxury clothing for men, women & kids, wanted to reach a wider audience and drive awareness for their most recent Father’s Day promotion. On YouTube Select Shorts, they served ads they’d created in partnership with creators. The campaign drove a best-in-class 15.9% view through rate.

Shorts ad from Brooks Brothers where a son helps his father dress better

New creative best practices with Shorts ABCDs

Shorts ads offer new ways to make a connection. We’ve spent the past year analyzing Shorts ads from leading brands to codify guidance for all marketers. We’re expanding our ABCDs of effective video ads to include creative guidance for video ads on YouTube Shorts.

We’ve learned that the top-performing Shorts ads are often unlike other ads on YouTube. Here’s how:

  • They feel like they’re part of a viewer’s Shorts feed. Think authentic and relatable, like creator-produced content.
  • Casual ads often work well, where everyday people can directly address the viewer for that personal touch.
  • Short-form means upbeat, so strive for fun and entertaining. Even better if you make your ads communal, something worth sharing.

In our new guide you can find advice about how to craft compelling ads based on your marketing objectives. From awareness to influencing consideration to driving action, you can do it all on YouTube Shorts, and it’s all happening on our AI-powered campaigns.

There are so many ways for brands to show up on YouTube, from Shorts, to connected TV, to our new YouTube Select Shorts lineups, which will be available in the coming weeks in the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Korea and India. Across styles, formats and lengths, marketers can show off different aspects of their brand’s purpose and personality. Now, you’ll be able to show off your brand’s unique voice with more confidence than ever with your YouTube Shorts ads.

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