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Connect with your most valuable customers over the holidays with Customer Match

Consumer expectations are higher than ever before. And thanks to mobile, your customers are connected, informed and savvy– they’re becoming supershoppers overnight. As they go shopping this holiday season, it’s more important than ever to connect with your most valuable customers at the exact moment they’re looking for a gift.

Customer Match makes this connection easy by helping you to engage these valuable holiday customers as they’re searching on Google, watching videos on YouTube, and checking promotions on Gmail.

Making Customer Match even better

Starting today, we’re rolling out an easier way to manage your customer lists, giving you more flexibility in reaching your customers during the busy holiday season.
Let’s say that you manage marketing for an online clothing store, and you’re interested in connecting with your active newsletter subscribers. To make it easy for you to keep this customer list up to date, you can now add and remove specific email addresses, or even replace your entire list without having to create a new one. Learn more in the Help Center.

Customer Match delivers results

Brands large and small are using Customer Match in different ways to boost performance:
  • TurboTax created customized ads and landing pages to ease returning customers into the tax-filing process, decreasing its cost per conversion by 31% in the process.

  • Guitar Center made product-specific customer lists and increased CTR by 60%.

  • The Children’s Place re-engaged back-to-school shoppers with customized ads, increasing its return on investment (ROI) by 287%.

  • One Click Ventures cross-sold eyewear across multiple websites and saw a 412% increase in conversion rate.

  • Wine Enthusiast Companies combined Customer Match and RLSA to sell wine merchandise to its customer base, delivering a 3x higher ROI.

Our partners make it even easier to get started

To save you time before the holidays, we created an upload service to help you get started with Customer Match. We’ve partnered with Merkle, Sailthru, LiveRamp, PMG, Neustar, Epsilon and others to make the upload process turnkey. Some of these partners can even help you expand your customer lists and match rates, too.

We’ve also partnered with Salesforce and Adobe, who have made it easy for you to upload your customer lists directly from within their customer relationship management platforms. If you’d like to learn more about these services, contact your Google account team.

Understanding your customers and being present in the moments that matter to them is critical. Marketers who adjust their plans accordingly with tools like Customer Match will be positioned for a happy holiday season– and a successful 2017.