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Serve up the perfect message this holiday season

Right now supershoppers are online, looking for great holiday gifts to give their family and friends -- from the coolest gadgets to the latest styles. In fact, 4 in 5 smartphone holiday shoppers use their phone during spare moments or while doing other activities.1 This means it’s important for you to be present wherever and whenever people are browsing their favorite apps and websites. To reach these consumers with a perfectly crafted message this holiday season, check out three of our latest display ad innovations:

Deliver beautiful catalog experiences with Gmail ads

During the holidays, shoppers look to their inboxes to get updates from their favorite brands. Now you can be there with beautiful catalog experiences that wow them. When people click on your Gmail ad, it expands to show up to four rich images or videos, with descriptions. For example, a beauty brand can show customers Black Friday deals on eyeshadow trios and matching eyeliner. These ads automatically adapt to any device, so people can scroll through your beautiful imagery wherever and whenever they’re using Gmail.

A beautiful catalog experience in Gmail ads

Customize your message with responsive ads

It’s easier than ever to keep your ads in tune with the season. We recently introduced responsive ads, which help you reach more people because they adapt to fit millions of websites and apps on the Google Display Network (GDN). Responsive ads also give you the flexibility to customize your message for the holidays -- without doing heavy lifting. Simply provide holiday-themed headlines, a description, an image, and your URL -- and Google automatically designs beautiful responsive ads that can run across the GDN. That means it’s a snap to add holiday promotions and seasonal products to your campaigns. iZettle, a payment technology company, used responsive ads and drove a 2x increase in conversion rate compared to text ads.

Help customers find you with location extensions

When people know where to find you this holiday season, they’re more likely to stop by your business. Location extensions for display lets you highlight your address, Google Maps directions, and photos in your ad so you can turn online clicks into foot traffic to your store. The Home Depot used location extensions for display to reach consumers actively browsing their phones near the brand’s most popular stores, driving an 8X in-store ROI.
It’s the most important time of the year for many businesses. Delivering the right message can mean the difference between customers choosing your business -- or another one. Whether you’re trying to drive sales on your website or bring people into your stores, we hope these innovations will help you tell your story and win more customers this holiday season.

1. Google/Ipsos, "Post-Holiday Shopping Intentions Study—Total Shoppers Report," base: used smartphone for holiday shopping, n=410, Jan. 2016.