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Drive with Roger Federer on Waze

An illustration of various hands holding up a Swiss flag, tennis balls, and a photo of Roger Federer.

What does the G.O.A.T. of tennis do when he partners up with Waze? Break some records, of course. Roger Federer holds many titles, but his latest achievement is becoming your partner on the road and doing it in more languages than any other person has before — ever. Team up with him with voice navigation available in English, French or German and who knows, maybe some of that famous Swiss punctuality will rub off on you.

When you choose the Roger Federer experience, you’re not just driving with the legend, you’re also on his team. As your doubles partner (in the car, that is), you’ll take the wheel, and he’ll be on the baseline, handling directions. As you navigate, he’ll be at the net alerting you to hazards ahead. With Roger in charge of navigation, he’ll ensure a safe and secure journey every step of the way. If the momentum of your drive starts to turn as traffic slows you down, he’ll keep your head in the game with words of encouragement like: “Make a U-Turn. Hey, even champions can mess up.” or “Heavy traffic reported ahead. Let’s treat this like a change-of-ends break. I might even put on a fresh shirt.”

The Roger Federer experience is not complete without your vehicles and Mood. Update your Mood to Victorious to embrace the champion lifestyle. And select from vehicles inspired by his love for Mercedes cars: Roger’s stylish G-Class SUV or sleek Maybach S-Class Cabriolet.

This experience is available globally with voice navigation in English, French, and German. Make sure you have the latest version of Waze, and head to the left menu of your app to look for the Roger Federer banner or click here to activate today!