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Jump in with Dashie on Waze

Dashie appears in larger multi-color text with a GIF headshot of YouTuber Dashie saying “Heavy traffic reported ahead. Are you, like, dead, serious right now?”

YouTube sensation Dashie is bringing his signature humor to Waze. The king of gaming and skits is lending his voice to guide you through your daily commute. Prepare yourself for hyped-up energy and a few easter eggs for the hardcore Dashie fans.

Dashie brings his over-the-top personality to your drives with custom directions that include hilarious mispronunciations, "fake furious" outbursts, and his custom “Dashie-Kart” vehicle. Choose Dashie’s “Grumpy” Mood to hear that amusing, cartoonish Dashie rage when things go wrong with prompts like, “Y’all got yall snacks? Good! But don’t get any crumbs on them seats, ‘cause I’m not about to vacuum that up!”

Give Dashie a try and see how he can make your next drive a little more fun. This experience is now available globally with voice navigation in English and Spanish. Make sure you have the latest version of Waze, and look for the Dashie banner in the left menu of the app, or activate it now.