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Ride alongside Cody Rigsby on Waze

Cody Rigsby appears in large pink and white text with a headshot of Cody saying “Police reported ahead. Let’s watch our speed. This ace is too pretty for jail” and images of a coffee cup and mobile device.

People go to fitness instructor Cody Rigsby for advice, reality checks and endless entertainment. Now you can hop in the car with Cody as your passenger princess! Get ready for hot takes about snack choices, celebrity breakups, and whether “cauliflower pizza crust” is a crime against nature. This drive is all about you and your destination, and no one is going to spoil your tea party, thank you very much.

Sit back and enjoy your drive while Cody offers dating advice, in a sharp-tongued and gossipy tone with prompts like, “Flowers are great. But give anything but roses. Roses say ‘I don’t know what kind of flowers you like, and I don’t care enough to ask.’” You’ll also tap into Cody’s spiritual side to balance the shade, with encouragement when frustrating moments pop up on the road such as, “You’re going to be your own hype man today. When you’re ready to go, say in a loud voice: ‘I’m fierce, I’m amazing, I’m going to slay this drive.’”

The Cody Rigsby driving experience isn’t complete without choosing the Flouncy Mood to tell all other Waze drivers that you’re determined to enjoy yourself today. Choose Cody’s custom vehicle, the Princess Carriage, for an effortlessly fabulous and luxurious ride.

This experience is available globally starting today with voice navigation in English. Activate today by clicking here.