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Your drives have never been smarter

Waze trip preview—now with more routing info

Harness Waze’s knowledge of the roads, even before you leave the house

We all like options. From dinner locations to workout playlists to movie nights, we want to choose what best suits us at any given moment, based on our priorities, the weather, or even simply our mood.

And we know love for information is no different when you’re behind the wheel. You want options for getting from A to B — the cheapest, the shortest, the fastest — and you want to be sure whichever you choose is actually going to deliver before you commit to a route.

This is why worked hard to bring this information to Wazers, before they start a drive. Now, before you set foot in the car, you’ll be greeted by Waze with a wealth of new intel — like alternative routes, traffic conditions and real time reports — to help make your best routing choice. Making it easier than ever to get the info you need, before you even leave the house.

Want to avoid that notoriously congestion-heavy stretch of highway? Or know how much the tolls ahead are going to cost you? Or curious why Waze has suggested a less direct route to get you to your destination? Now you’ll be getting “the why” in your trip preview, so you’ll know Waze is making the best recommendation. Or, if the mood takes you, go your own way. Because drivers that know and understand what’s ahead are happier drivers all around.

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