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A new wave of mobile-friendly sites

Have you ever visited a website using Google Search on your mobile phone, only to find that the text was too small, the links were tiny, and the content could not be viewed without scrolling sideways? This usually happens when the website has not been optimized to be viewed on a mobile phone and can be a frustrating experience.

A person holding a mobile phone surrounded by question marks

Surfing the web on your mobile phone should be enjoyable and effortless, which is why we’re now helping you find out in advance which websites offer a good experience on mobile devices. Look for the mobile-friendly label in our mobile search results like this:

Search result with mobile friendly label

We hope this helps everyone to have a better mobile web experience. You can hop on for the ride too! If you notice that your favorite websites don’t have the mobile-friendly label, reach out to the site owners or webmasters and let them know about your mobile experience on their sites. And if you want to make mobile-friendly websites, visit our Guide for mobile websites.

A person smiling holding a mobile phone, with a cat next to them

Let’s ditch the pinching, scrolling and aimless tapping, and welcome the new wave of mobile-friendly sites.