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Discover new information and inspiration from Google, personalized for you

We launched Discover last year to surface relevant content to people even when they’re not searching. It has since grown dramatically: globally, more than 800 million people use it to stay up to date on their interests. Discover is live already in Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, Kenya, Cote d’Ivoire, South Africa, and Uganda and today we’re rolling it out to twenty new countries including Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tunisia, Tanzania, Chad, Somalia, South Sudan, Namibia, Mozambique, Morocco, Madagascar, and Libya. We hope this launch will help people across Africa uncover fresh and interesting content about things that matter to them.

Discover, explore, and be inspired - without having to type
People have long turned to Google to get answers, learn about the world, and dig deeper on topics they’re passionate about. Discover makes it easier than ever to do this — even when you don’t know what to search for. It provides an ongoing look at the things you care about with a stream of cards offering the latest content on your sports teams, people of interest, music, and news stories.

A GIF of the new Discover on a mobile phone

Discover is customized for your interests
Discover uses machine learning to anticipate what’s interesting and important to you. While Discover automatically gets better the more you use Google, you can also follow topics from Search results. Look for the “Follow” button next to certain types of search results—including movies, sports teams, music artists, famous people, and more. A quick tap of the the follow button and you’ll start getting updates and stories about that topic.

A GIF of the new Discover on a mobile phone showing interest-based searches

Available in the Google App, Google Go and Chrome You can find Discover across multiple Google products: within the Google App, Google Go, and Chrome. And soon, Discover will be available on on all mobile browsers.

Discover is your entry point to the web, where you can not only search, but also discover useful, relevant information and inspiration about the topics you care about most. Keep exploring!
Posted by Nishant Ranka, Product Manager