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2020 Computer Science grants for Australian educators

Now, more than ever, it’s important that teachers have the tools and resources they need to undertake their work. Understanding, creating and using technology are critical skills for all students and teachers, regardless of where they live.

This year our annual Computer Science (CS) Educator Professional Development (PD) Grants program is focused on bringing digital technologies training to teachers in regional and remote communities and to those who might otherwise miss out on such opportunities.

Google’s Educator PD Grants program has been running in Australia since 2011 and, in that time, has trained over 20,000 teachers. The program aims to equip teachers through practical professional development workshops, giving them the skills and tools to confidently teach computational thinking and computer science concepts. 

We’re excited to announce the following recipients of the 2020 CS Educator Grants:

This year all funded workshops have a focus on access and inclusion, aligning with Google’s global diversity commitment. Some workshops will be delivered virtually, given current movement restrictions, and others will take place later in the year.

The impact of PD Grants for educators 

These grants help to expand CS skills for more educators and we’ve heard from past winners about the positive impact. At James Cook University in Northern Queensland, Leanne Cameron is excited to build on the work done with last year’s grant, forging relationships with local Indigenous communities to develop new resources for their Teacher Education subject and share curriculum expertise with Indigenous educators.

This year they’ll expand on that work, offering Primary, Early Childhood teachers and trainee teachers a workshop that addresses the content of the Digital Technologies curriculum and the Outcomes of the Early Years Learning Framework to help them feel comfortable about teaching with technology.

The workshops will draw teachers from all over Northern Queensland and offer 'train-the trainer' sessions to assist those who feel confident in teaching Digital Technologies to mentor others in their area. These 'trainers' will provide ongoing support and resources for their schools and build capacity in the communities that need it most.

We’re pleased to support the CS Educator PD Grants program once again and look forward to seeing how these amazing educators apply their new skills.
Posted by Marie Efstathiou, Program Manager, Computer Science Outreach and University Relations