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How Google’s Cybersecurity Certificate is helping build a safer Australia

Video about the cyber security certificate.

Security has always been at the core of Google’s products, and we’ve long worked to protect people, businesses and governments by sharing our expertise and advancing cybersecurity tools and resources. This work has only become more urgent: ASD's Australian Cyber Security Centre received over 94,000 reports of cybercrime over the 2022-23 financial year, an increase of 23 percent from 2021-22, placing critical infrastructure such as governments, hospitals and electrical grids at greater risk. Cyber attacks are also now a #1 concern for Australian companies. Despite the pressing need to address this threat, the nation faces an estimated shortfall of 40,000 skilled workers to address this threat. There is also an opportunity to improve the diversity of the industry, with female, Indigenous, younger and older workers underrepresented in the Australian cybersecurity field, where the median salary is AUD$107,000 (1).

We’ve locally launched the Google Cybersecurity Certificate as the most recent addition to our Google Career Certificates, which will help build a strong cybersecurity workforce and build on efforts to provide job seekers with affordable paths to careers in data analytics, IT support, business intelligence and more — along with local partnerships to help connect more Australians to this training opportunity. The certificate is part of Google’s Digital Future Initiative — a $1 billion investment in building a stronger digital future for all Australians.

Part of our broader Google commitment to developing this critical cybersecurity workforce, the Certificate is designed and taught by Google’s cybersecurity experts. It prepares learners for entry-level jobs in cybersecurity in less than six months with no prior experience required, creates greater opportunities for Australians, and helps fill the growing number of open cyber roles.

To help bridge the opportunity gap and bring more diverse talent to cybersecurity, organisations including Generation Australia and ACS will help connect their community with the Google Cybersecurity Certificate course opportunity, providing free scholarships to make it accessible. They’ll also provide learners with support such as professional coaching, networking opportunities and job search assistance.

We launched Google Career Certificates in Australia in 2022. Today, more than 4,500 people have graduated from our Google Career Certificates in Australia, and 80 percent of graduates report a positive career impact, such as a new job, higher pay or a promotion within six months of completion (2). 35 percent of graduates in Australia report being unemployed or under-employed when they began the certificate program (3).

Our certificate adds to existing Google Career Certificates in Data Analytics, Digital Marketing & E-commerce, IT Support, Project Management and UX Design.

Google Career Certificate Graduate Michelle Zhou

Google Career Certificate Graduate Michelle Zhou

Sharing our expertise to expand pathways into cybersecurity

The Google Cybersecurity Certificate teaches learners how to identify common risks, threats and vulnerabilities, as well as the techniques to mitigate them. The program will prepare people for entry-level cybersecurity roles by providing hands-on experience with industry standard tools including Python, Linux and an array of security tools, such as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) programs. The certificate will also help prepare learners for the CompTIA Security+ exam, the industry-leading certification for cybersecurity roles. Learners will earn a dual credential when they complete both, improving their hireability.

Meeting the needs of employers with our curriculum

We created the Google Career Certificates Employer Consortium in 2022 to partner with others to solve critical skills gaps across industries and connect Australians to jobs in high demand areas. We recently welcomed new members of the Consortium including Accenture, OMG, and Cochlear — who joined Canva, IAG, Woolworths, Optus and Australia Post. Members of the Employer Consortium consider those who have earned our Certificates for entry-level jobs. To ensure job seekers who have completed the Cybersecurity Certificate can meet the needs of employers with open entry-level roles, the cybersecurity teams of several members of the Consortium beta tested the content and provided feedback.

We know it’s imperative that the right people are in place to address an increasingly complex cyber threat landscape that affects everything from our emergency services to the economy. Cybercrime was estimated to cost Australia up to $42 billion last financial year according to the Australian Cyber Security Centre and UNSW. We’re committed to partnering with governments, businesses, NGOs, academia and more to build a workforce equipped with the expertise needed to promote resilience against cyber attacks and to build a safer world.

You can learn more about the Google Cybersecurity Certificate and how to enroll at


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