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Unlocking Australia's AI Opportunity

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Today, we’re publishing An AI Opportunity Agenda for Australia, a new paper that highlights the transformative potential of artificial intelligence for all Australians and three key recommendations to help us make use of this once-in-a-generation technology and realise AI’s full potential.

Why it matters: AI is already having a positive impact

People, businesses, governments and organisations across the country are already making significant strides in leveraging AI to drive productivity, improve living standards and address critical challenges.

Today, AI is revolutionising Australian healthcare, helping doctors unearth insights and accelerating medical innovation. AI-powered applications are enabling customised care for older Australians, including innovative listening and communication technologies that enable independent living. Through our Digital Future Initiative, Google Australia is collaborating with Australian partners on a project that applies AI to hearing healthcare, personalising hearing models to meet individual listening needs, and enhancing hearing aids and other listening devices.

We’re also seeing the significant positive impact of AI applications in combating climate change and its effects on our environment. Whether it’s helping scientists protect the critical giant kelp forests of Tasmania or supporting conservationists in their work at the Great Barrier Reef, AI is a powerful tool in the fight against climate change, aiding mitigation, adaptation and the transition to net-zero energy.

Productivity gains today, economic potential in the future

Already today, the Australian Government and businesses are utilising AI to boost productivity, create high-quality jobs, support regional development and facilitate the transition to a greener economy.

A responsible and comprehensive approach to AI can unlock significant sustainable and inclusive economic growth for Australia. The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) estimates that digital innovations, including AI, could contribute $315 billion to the Australian economy by 2030. Meanwhile, the Productivity Commission recognises AI's potential to enhance national productivity by addressing skill and labour shortages and improving healthcare and education efficiency and quality.

AI applications are strengthening Australia's industrial base and generating new high-quality jobs. Pioneering use cases include supply chain integration, product customization, predictive operations and real-time quality control in manufacturing. Research estimates that AI could contribute up to $5 billion annually to Australia’s manufacturing sector by 2030.

Google's Commitment to Australia's AI Development

Google is dedicated to supporting Australia's AI development. Through our Digital Future Initiative, Google is investing $1 billion in Australian infrastructure, research and partnerships to shape a stronger digital future for all Australians. Google products, many of which are AI-powered, contribute an estimated $51.8 billion to Australian businesses' economic activity.

Australia, with our exceptional AI research capabilities, globally competitive universities, and highly skilled workforce, is well-positioned to capitalise on the AI opportunity. To fully realise AI's promise, we propose three key recommendations:

  1. Invest in infrastructure and innovation: Optimise the opportunities Australians can realise from AI by investing in research and development, ensuring access to quality digital infrastructure and compute capacity, and providing a balanced regulatory environment to transform ideas and data into discoveries, products and services.
  2. Build human capital and an AI-empowered workforce: Invest in people across all levels, from students to workers and small businesses to traditional industries, equipping them to utilise and benefit from AI.
  3. Promote widespread adoption and universal accessibility: Encourage AI adoption across government and all sectors of society to address significant societal and economic challenges, ensuring that the benefits of AI are widely shared.

Australia's AI opportunity is immense. By collaborating and embracing these recommendations, together we can shape a future where AI drives innovation, growth and prosperity for all Australians.