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Introducing CNCPT: A place where creativity starts

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It all starts with a concept.

For over 15 years, YouTube has been a key part of the creator ecosystem in Canada. In that time, we’ve seen Canadians build sustainable online businesses and turn their passion into profit. As we plan for the next decade, we want to go deeper to inspire creative entrepreneurs to build a digital business.

Canada is filled with creativity, but many creators don’t know where to begin. Today we're excited to partner with local Toronto incubator HXOUSE to launch CNCPT: a place where creativity starts.

A multi-year partnership, CNCPT will bring together the community building and creativity of HXOUSE with the power of the YouTube platform to deliver new opportunities for the next generation of Canadian creators.


CNCPT (pronounced concept) will provide aspiring and emerging digital creators free mentorship, accelerators, always-on programming, connection and funding to help emerging creators realize their full potential, and break through in their artistic field. Programming will be available both in-person and remotely to support Canadians across the country.

CNCPT will offer three core programming pillars:

  • Year-round creator connect series for networking, access to experts, and in-depth knowledge sessions.
  • Two annual creator accelerator programs to help creators grow their channels, harness monetization, and unearth new opportunities. Creators that apply from outside of Toronto will receive financial support to complete the program onsite.
  • The presenting sponsor for HXOUSE's current programming, "In-HXOUSE conversations" which brings professional artists and creatives at the top of their field to share their stories.

Creators that graduate the program can also apply for grants, from a $100,000 CAD fund being established by YouTube, to support creatively ambitious ideas to accelerate the growth of their YouTube channels.

As part of this partnership, CNCPT will have a studio within HXOUSE, for creators to leverage throughout their time in the program. The studio will give creators hands-on experience to learn about content production, including a professional editing suite and Google devices for use, such as Pixel phones and Chromebooks.

“Since launching HXOUSE in 2018, we’ve been laser focused on helping local talent build a global mindset and build a business with their creative talent,” said Ahmed Ismail, CEO of HXOUSE. “We know that YouTube is the lifeblood for creatives and entrepreneurs alike to get their message and brand out to the world, and that’s why we’re extremely excited to celebrate this historical partnership and program. Learning how to commercialize creativity has been a missing gap in Canada that we can now fulfill. CNCPT will be an excellent accelerant to our already thriving community at HXOUSE, and we welcome the opportunity to help even more Canadian creatives reach their potential.”

This partnership comes at a time when the Canadian creator economy continues to grow and thrive. According to the newest report from Oxford Economics, YouTube’s creative ecosystem contributed $1.1 billion CAD to Canada’s GDP in 2021, and supported more than 34,600 jobs in the country. In addition, the number of YouTube channels making $100,000 or more in annual revenue (CAD) is up 35%, year over year.

What Creatives are saying

“In my career as an artist, I often worked out of my bedroom studio. But having a place for artists and creatives to come together and collaborate can be a total game changer,” said Juno-award nominee Tesher. “Through CNCPT, creatives will have resources and a state of the art studio. They’ll also have a community of peers and mentors to help fuel their creativity and make creating content that much more accessible. I’m excited to be part of a program that will inspire new artists, and share what I’ve learned.”

“Creating on YouTube means being an editor, producer, location scout, scriptwriter, and so much more,” says creator and actress Inanna Sarkis. “Being a YouTube creator definitely helped to separate me from other actresses because I had a body of work that showcased my creativity, skill and range. But it takes a lot of work and the creator community is what really helped me find success and build my brand. I’m excited to help build a community like this for emerging artists, so they can share their creativity with the world.”

“As a creative, you’re often expected to have creativity on tap, and deliver things quickly,” said Will Selviz, technical artist and graduate of HXOUSE. “During my time at HXOUSE I found that being around creatives can be really refreshing for the mind, and provide an avenue to build or brainstorm new ideas. Upon completion, our cohort had built a solid community that’s been a source of support, networking and job opportunities. More programming like this is needed in the community to help creatives grow.”

How to apply

Aspiring and emerging creators can sign up here to learn more and receive program updates for CNCPT’s various programs. Canadian creators on any platform, with any subscriber count, are welcome to attend the Creator Connect Series and the In-HXOUSE Conversations. To participate in the accelerator, creators need to:

  • Live in Canada and be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a YouTube channel that is part of the YouTube Partner Program with less than 100,000 subscribers, or have at least 100,000 followers on their main social media platform
  • Regularly upload content, and be committed to accelerating the growth of their channel

CNCPT programming will kickstart next month. We can’t wait to meet creatives from across the country, and support the pipeline of the next generation of Canadian content creators.