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These Canadian Baby Boomers and retirees are making their mark on YouTube

As part of the digital generation, millennials and gen z have always been known as trendsetters, but they're not the only ones making it big on YouTube. From travelling and woodworking to quilting and mixology, baby boomers and retirees are turning their passions and hobbies into content creation opportunities. They're part of a growing creator ecosystem in Canada, that's contributing significantly to the local creative economy.

Meet some of the growing baby boomer talent on YouTube:

Our Upcycled Life

Deidre is on a creative journey on YouTube to turn forgotten items into beautiful treasures. She shares step by step tutorials and inspiration for upcycling, to transform everyday objects into something extraordinary. Deidre continues to grow her channel as a recent graduate from the CNCPT accelerator.

Wood Work Web

Colin has been sharing resources for woodworkers for over 15 years on YouTube. From tool reviews to woodworking hacks, Wood Work Web has you covered. When he’s not making how-to videos on the platform, you can find Colin playing hockey.

get it done quilts

Karen is helping quilters take their skills to the next level. From exploring dollar store hacks, putting scrap fabric to good use, and achieving the perfect quarter inch seam, Karen has the answers for you.

Deddy’s Kitchen

Deddy and his daughter Sasha are bringing Jamaican cuisine to Canadian and global viewers. If you’re looking for recipes for pepper shrimp, coconut curry or buttermilk fried chicken, this channel is for you.

Glen and Friends

Glen’s cooking channel marries his love of food and drink with his passion for film and production. Through his retirement, he’s been able to share stories with his audience on easy to follow food and cocktail recipes.