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B Mine Canada! Share your Romantic Street View Locations of Canada with #SVHeartCanada

While Canadians may be romantics at heart, when it comes to planning February 14th, we’re stumped. Searches for Valentine’s Day Date Ideas are at an all-time high in Canada.
So, let’s help out our fellow love-struck Canadians with some ideas inspired by - what else - Canada! Here’s your challenge: find the most romantic places on Street View and share on social media using #SVHeartCanada. Let’s give Canadians searching for a great date some inspiration.

To get you started, we’ve put together a map of some of the most romantic locations in the country. From Polar Bear Watching on Canada’s Tundra, riding the Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls to exploring the Cape Breton Highlands, enjoy some of Canada’s most interesting, remote and romantic locations with stunning Street View imagery.

Or how about Love, Saskatchewan? This aptly named village in Saskatchewan has received international recognition as people from around the world send their wedding invitations, Valentine’s Day cards and more to be stamped with the romantically oriented postmark before being forwarded to their final destinations.

And there’s also Old Quebec City. Dating back to 1608, this historic French colonial neighbourhood is like a little slice of Europe in Canada with its cobblestone streets lined with bistros and boutiques.

These are just a few romantic locals we came up with and we’ve mapped out even more hotspots here (create your own custom map using My Maps). But we’re just getting started.
This Valentine’s Day, let’s help our fellow Canadians out with some ideas for romantic destinations in Street View.

Make sure to share yours using #SVHeartCanada and we’ll re-post our favourites.
Love, Google Canada.