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The story of civic engagement in Canada can be told with just a few numbers:
268,387 - The number of people who voted in Canada’s first election in 1867 79 - High watermark of voter participation, as nearly 80 percent of Canadians vote in 1958 14,823,408 - The number of ballots cast in the last federal election, with a voter turnout of 61 percent

But the story, of course, does not end there.

Today, in collaboration with the CBC , we’re launching Pledge To Vote, a new, interactive tool encouraging Canadians to pledge their intention to vote in the upcoming federal election and to challenge others to do the same.

Pin, Pledge, Post

It’s super simple to use. Go to and share why voting is important to you. Your pledge will appear on the Pledge To Vote map, where you can explore what issues other Canadians care about, and why they are making the same pledge.

#PledgeToVote Now the fun part! After making the pledge, challenge your social networks to #PledgeToVote. Watch the pledges on the map grow and see how your #PledgeToVote challenge ripples across social media.

“When is the election?” It’s been a trending question Canadians have searched these past few weeks on Google – the answer is October 19th.  If you plan to make a little room in your calendar that day to participate in our great democracy, why not #PledgeToVote and encourage others to do the same….

See you at the polls!