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Today’s Google Doodle celebrates a classic Québécois dish


What’s more Québécois than poutine? Today’s Google Doodle celebrates the delicious Québécois dish - all Canadians will surely want to pout-ine their mouth! On this day in 2014, the word “poutine” was officially added to the English Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

At it’s core, poutine is a simple dish consisting of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. While it originated in Quebec in the 1950s, its origin story is still debated, with several restaurant owners in the province claiming to have invented it. Either way, Canadians are glad they did, and people across the country have adapted this delicious recipe, and made it their own, using ingredients and toppings that give the dish an entirely new flavour palette.

Here are some of the top international inspired poutine dishes in Canada, according to Google Search:

  1. Poutine rapée
  2. Shawarma poutine
  3. Samosa poutine
  4. Butter chicken poutine
  5. Poutine general tao

And when it comes to how people top their poutines, the customization is endless. Here are the top Searches of “poutine with” in Canada.

  1. Breakfast poutine with hollandaise sauce
  2. Poutine with pulled pork
  3. Poutine with smoked meat
  4. Pickle poutine with peanut butter gravy
  5. Poutine with ground beef

From how to make the dish, to who invented it, Canadians always have poutine top of mind. Here are the top questions on poutine in Canada.

  1. What is poutine?
  2. How to make poutine
  3. Is poutine vegetarian?
  4. Where was poutine invented?
  5. Who invented poutine?

To celebrate the poutine Google Doodle, we asked three YouTube culinary wizards to share their take on the dish. Here’s what they came up with:

Chef Dumas
Deddy's Kitchen

Now that we’ve sufficiently got you salivating, join in on the poutine celebration by making one of these delicious recipes yourself, or check your local poutinerie today.