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Year in Search 2022: Moments that brought Canadians together

After two years of uncertainty, 2022’s Search and News trends indicate Canadians were ready to come back together to share meaningful experiences, both big and small. From educating ourselves on the evolving situation in Ukraine, to collectively obsessing over Wordle and diving into pop culture, Canadians were searching for ways to help one another, embrace the new normal and play.

Year in Search is Google’s annual analysis of trillions of searches performed globally throughout the year. For the past 22 years, Year in Search has provided a unique look into what we all cared about, what inspired us and what intrigued us. Here are this year’s top trending searches and news topics:

Top Trending Searches

Top Trending Searches in Canada


Top Trending Canadian News Headlines

Many of these significant moments also had Canadians searching for answers. On average, Canadians told us they used Google Search over 3 times a day to research something for their personal life. That's the equivalent of over 3,000,000 questions answered every hour. The conflict in Ukraine led many Canadians to ask "why" and "how." Why was Russia attacking Ukraine? How to help Ukraine? And in our own backyards, Canadians asked questions about how to keep each other safe, like “How to do a rapid COVID test” and “How to get your vaccine QR code”.


Top Trending Searches with ''why'' in Canada

how to

Top Trending Searches with ''how to'' in Canada

More than ever, Canadians were dialled into a number of Hollywood headlines and pop culture moments - the top trending movies and TV shows also demonstrate the diversity of our tastes and interests. While Canadians also gave some love to the Pixar film Turning Red, which is based in Toronto.

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    Top Trending Celebrities Searches

  • Movies

    Top Trending Searches for Movies

  • tv shows

    Top Trending Searches for TV Shows

In a very busy year for sports, Canadians banded together to cheer on their country. Both the Winter Olympics and FIFA World Cup saw Canadians searching for the latest scores and where to watch. 2022’s trends also proved that Canada isn’t just a hockey nation, as we searched to learn more about international sports like cricket, soccer and tennis. Top-trending athletes come from a wide range of backgrounds, from hockey legend Guy Lafleur to tennis star Felix Auger Aliassime.


Top Trending Searches for Athletes


Top Trending Searches for Sports

Year in Search offers a unique reflection of who we were as a country in 2022. So before turning the page and heading into the new year, take a moment to look back and reflect on the year that was, all of this year’s trends can be found here.