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Creators Share Their Blueprint to Harnessing the Potential of Digital Video


19 years ago today, the first video was uploaded to YouTube. Since then, YouTube has become a modern-day incubator for dreams. It's a place where everyday people with extraordinary passions can transform their creativity into thriving careers. India's most successful creators, across genres, regions and languages, have proven this time and again. Their journeys are a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and a platform that empowers individuals.

In light of April 23, a day celebrated by some part of the creator community as International Creator Day, hear from some of India’s beloved creators on their blueprint to harnessing the digital video potential.

Staying Ahead: Innovation and Adaptability

In the ever-changing world of video content, success means continuously evolving to stay in tune with your audience. Take Mithilesh Patkar aka Mythpat – whose content on YouTube has evolved from gameplay, into an engaging combination of comedy, storytelling and narration. His "GTA in Real Life", one of 2023’s top Gaming Videos, was a hit because he had his finger on the pulse of his audience.


“I really like making unique videos. I've been playing GTA for the past six years now and it is my favourite game. I’d already made a lot of content on it and had always dreamed of recreating GTA in real life. So when the opportunity knocked on my door, I embraced it. Many creators had already made videos recreating GTA in real life. But I wanted to do something different. I reached out to one of the three main characters in the game to shoot a video with me and the video turned out to be great. My idea was to merge the worlds of gaming and entertainment.” ~ Mithilesh Patkar

Creators like Chef Sanjyot Keer of Your Food Lab keeps things fresh, adapting to new formats while always maintaining the quality that his viewers have come to expect.

Chef Sanjyot Keer

“I produced 83 videos ready before I went live with my YouTube channel. I was really scared about how people would react and I was quite determined to prove myself. When I had about 80 videos I knew I had content to consistently upload for three months and there was no looking back! Luckily, the third video got about a million views and in the first month itself it garnered about a lakh followers.” ~ Sanjyot Keer

Engaging New Audiences Beyond Boundaries

Think your content has to be in English to gain a massive audience? Think again! Creators like BhaDiPa have shown that regional content can find fans far beyond language boundaries. BhaDiPa’s success with Marathi programming exemplifies maintaining a unique cultural identity while appealing to audiences across the country.

Paula McGlynn, BhaDiPa

“We've even experimented with YouTube’s multi-language audio tool which we’ve used to dub some of our content in Hindi and English. We found that our premium web series like B.E. Rojgaar had a lot of non-Marathi audience. We want to now dub that show, especially in South languages, and see how that can help us. That will be fun to explore!” ~ Paula McGlynn, CEO, BhaDiPa

Beyond tools such as dubbing, captions and subtitles and multi-language audio, thoughtful collaborations are also helping make content accessible to the world.

“Coming up with unique ideas in gaming motivates me a lot. I’m a big believer in collaborating with creators and I love doing it because we come up with so many creative ideas together and give back to the community. Two years ago, Mr. Beast started his Hindi Channel and I tweeted about my idea of dubbing Mr. Beast’s content in Shah Rukh Khan’s voice. So, recently I got a message from his team mentioning that they were doing a special creator episode where they could use my voice. This is an exciting opportunity and I find it fascinating when two creators’ worlds collide.” ~ Mithilesh Patkar

Finding Your Voice: Authenticity in a Commercial World

Like Sanjyot crafting practice videos before ever hitting publish, dedication to quality and individuality makes creators stand out, and it's something worth protecting even when exploring monetization. Mridul Sharma believes in the importance of finding their own unique voice. Viewers connect with authenticity, and that connection builds trust.

Mridul Sharma

“I like to ensure that my personal value system is aligned with any brand that I collaborate with. Before I choose to promote a product, I always ask myself if this is a product that I would use regardless of the commercials. Building trust with your audience is very important. And, I think it’s important to partner with brands who are collaborative, value what you bring to the table and allow your own voice to shine through the branded content.” ~ Mridul Sharma

Building India’s Next-Gen Media Powerhouses

India's creator economy is bursting with potential. Creators who understand this can look beyond their own channels to shape the future. BhaDiPa's evolution into a full-fledged media company shows that there are endless paths within this field.

“Our focus was to strategically collaborate with brands and seamlessly integrate them into our content, a strength that remains pivotal for us. Over the years, we've dedicated significant effort to curating engaging event formats tailored for the enjoyment of young Marathi audiences. Our journey began with Marathi stand-up comedy and has evolved to include annual large-scale parties featuring collaborations with various artists, fostering a strong sense of community. Notably, our recent 15-city tour across the US, which garnered 7000 ticket sales, underscored our aspiration to expand our international presence through more such shows. Furthermore, our venture into merchandise sales has not only enhanced our community engagement but also generated additional revenue streams.” ~ Paula McGlynn, CEO, BhaDiPa

Projects like Sanjyot's "Chef It Up" inspire new creators by proving there's room to diversify and explore, while staying true to your vision.

“I knew that if I could build a community, I would be able to monetize my content. I started working on AdSense, with brands, and I found many other avenues. I have always wanted to reach more homes in a physical form by building a D2C company. This led to YFL Home. The first product was launched with a YouTube video and it sold out within a couple of days.” ~ Sanjyot

These creators demonstrate that YouTube can be a launchpad for fulfilling, long-term careers. If you embrace innovation, authenticity, and community, you open yourself to incredible opportunities.