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YouTube content that moved the nation in 2023, and the creators behind it

A year on YouTube

India’s Chandrayaan-3 mission landed on the moon, and on YouTube, millions aimed for their own "moonshots". In 2023, aspirants in India connected over navigating UPSC prep - sharing a knowing laugh and finding solidarity with Sandeep Bhaiyya. Viewers sought inspiration - from exploring new art forms, to launching a YouTube channel and orbiting stories of fame.

Content that moved audiences this year came from all parts of the country, across various languages, in wide-ranging genres: a true testament to and celebration of India’s diversity. Here’s a look at 2023’s top trending content and the creators and artists behind it.

Chandrayaan-3 Mission Soft-landing LIVE Telecast saw over 8.5M peak concurrent views, making it the largest live stream of all time on YouTube.
Top Trending Videos

Grand Theft Auto stole hearts and captured imaginations, reflecting one of the many ways in which gaming content continues to level up. Gaming creators have been able to immerse viewers with compelling stories by artfully combining gameplay, characters, narrative, comedy and music. Not just in gaming, creators continue to wow audiences with such ingenuity and creativity, across genres and formats.

With over 93 million views in 24 hours, GTA VI Trailer 1 has set the new views record for 24-hour debut of a non-music video.
Top Gaming List

Here are key trends that continue to shape the digital video landscape:

Ease of creation empowers the next- generation of creators

Top Breakout Creators

Access to tools, ease of short-form video and the wide-reaching impact of digital video continues to democratize content creation. This is enabling more people - across age, gender, cultures, professional backgrounds, and languages - to become creators.

Top Women Breakout

This is supercharging the diversity of voices,

powering new genres and growing the staying power of pop culture moments. For instance, Shorts is not only helping level the playing field but also opens doors to a playground of creative tools and formats to help emerging creators push the boundaries of their creativity.

Access to formats and engaged fandoms drive long-lasting trends

With creators and their communities coming from various corners of the country, today, multi-format creation is helping lend more memorability to content. Take for instance: the Tom and Jerry format is a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the popular cartoon that appeals to young and old alike. A single video can capture the imagination of a nation - whether it is the coming together in rapt attention to watch the moon-landing or diving deeper into the content they love with their favorite creators, like Ashish Chanchlani’s uniquely personal take on a popular show.

Top Shorts

Music plays muse for viral masterpieces

A traditionally one-way relationship with music has begun to transcend into a powerful one of creativity and self-expression. Whether to convey an emotion or express a point of view, Music serves as a universal language that appeals to broad audiences. Music videos and Shorts trends helped drive tracks such as Tere Vaaste, Pulsar Bike, Jailer, Company, Naa Ready and Heeriye to the top, inspiring various forms of expression from creators across the country. `

Top Music Videos

We can’t wait to see how YouTube’s vibrant community of dreamers and doers will continue to express themselves, enhance their creativity and grow their communities in 2024!

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