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Welcome home, creators: a new website just for you

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How do I start a YouTube channel? How do I make money? How can I get more subscribers?

These are all questions that current and future creators may have searched the internet for. That’s why we have created a new website with tips and resources to help our growing community of creators.

We want to make it easier for creators to do what they do best. Creators can get inspiration from the creator community across India and find all the information they need to help turn their passions into new opportunities.

Payal Gaming

Interaction with my audience has been the key to building a loyal community on YouTube and has helped to turn my viewers into long-term followers.


If you’re a creator or aspiring to be one, here’s what you can expect to learn more about:

  • Getting started on YouTube: Ready to share your videos with the world? Find tips about video production, branding your channel, and YouTube Studio.
  • Top creator questions: Spend less time researching and more time creating. We put answers to your most searched questions right on the homepage.
  • Policies: Keeping YouTube safe and protecting the community are our top priorities — and we all need to contribute. Now you can easily stay informed.
  • Building your community of fans: See how you can build a loyal audience and connect with your audience with helpful tips and tools.
  • Programs: Being a creator comes with benefits! You can access workshops and virtual events to help build your skills. Check out what other opportunities we offer.
  • Growing your channel: Looking to take your channel to the next level? Explore our data analytics features and get inspiration from fellow creators on how to attract new viewers.
  • Making money on YouTube: Turn your creativity into income! Learn about video ads, the YouTube Partner Program, Channel Memberships, and more.

We’ll keep adding information and inspiration based on topics that matter most to you. Whenever you’re looking for advice, visit the YouTube for Creators website! Plus it’s now available in Hindi.