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Here’s how Google can help this Ramadan

We have had all sorts of Ramadan-related questions over the years. From “What is Ramadan?” or “Why do Muslims fast in the summer?” to the more complex queries like “When is Iftar in Norway?” or “How do I stay healthy in Ramadan?” Muslims don’t always fast in the summer, look it up.

Like every year, the questions started pouring in a few weeks ago, my own included. One can never truly master the art of home-made Qatayef, the crescent-shaped dessert which signalled the arrival of Ramadan in my house over the years. So like many of you, I looked the recipe up.

In addition to finding the right recipe, there’s more we can do to help you this Ramadan. The Ramadan Hub is now live, which signals the arrival of the holy month at Google. There, you will find the different products and feature updates we’re launching this year which will show you how tech can help you observe and celebrate Ramadan.

Taking care of the little things

As we enter Ramadan mode, the technology we use everyday should adapt accordingly. This could include simple things like a notification from your Google Maps app telling you when to make a move to get home in time for Iftar, or making sure you can easily search and discover the most relevant YouTube videos to help you prepare that ambitious Iftar meal. Or even catch-up on your favorite Ramadan series through the YouTube app on your smart TV.

YouTube Mosalsalat

Keeping up with this year’s dozens of Ramadan TV series can get challenging. A unanimous decision on what to watch at a certain time is rare. That is why we worked with our partners from across the region to bring more than 50 shows to YouTube Mosalsalat, a hub for Arabic TV content on YouTube. You can catch an episode from your favorite TV show shortly after it has aired.

Ramadan mode: on Google Maps, Allo, Google Play will also keep up with you this Ramadan. A notification from Maps will tell you when to leave the office to beat the Ramadan traffic so you can get home in time for Iftar. Duo will remind you to call your friends and family before Eid, and we’re launching new Allo stickers that will help you convey those Ramadan feels. And the Play Store homepage will show you the most relevant and popular apps to help and guide you through Ramadan.