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Finding the Qibla with the help of augmented reality

When people search for the Qibla, they’re usually looking for a website or an app to point them in the right direction to face the Kabaa, which is a search query we see spike during Ramadan, with various apps and ways to point you to the Qibla, we noticed many still look like a compass, and doesn't utilize the many advancements smart phones have had during the last year.

It would be a lot easier to simply hold up your phone and have it tell you the right direction to pray towards. So we’re launching the Qibla Finder (, a web app that uses the latest in augmented reality to paint a clear blue line within the imagery your phone camera sees, pointing you towards the Kaaba after you’ve allowed it to identify your location and without saving any of the imagery your device uses.

You can find the direction of Qibla on mobile

The Qibla Finder uses your phone camera to paint a clear blue line towards the Qibla

The service is available through your browser today and will be also be available long after Ramadan. For more information on how to use Qibla Finder and its permission, you can visit this help article.