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Ramadan with Google 2021: Helpful features, fawazeer, and a surprise!

For many of us around the world this is the second Ramadan spent under varying Covid-19 restrictions which means some of us will have to spend the holy month away from loved ones. While nothing is like being with family and friends, there are traditions that are central to this month which we at Google hope to help you continue and celebrate. 

Ramadan search
Ramadan search
Ramadan search

This year, you will be able to use the products and features you’ve known and used as well as a couple of new surprises. Whether you’re trying to set a routine for yourself, or trying to find the closest restaurant that serves Qatayef at 12 am, here you will find the ways Google can help you lock in your Ramadan routine as well as help you take care of your wellbeing and productivity this month.

1. Helping you build your Ramadan routine and productivity 

Google Search and Google Assistant The Google Assistant can help you set your alarms and reminders for important tasks and help you find prayer timings in your area. On Search, simply searching for Ramadan will show you details about the holy month, news relevant to your area, and relevant videos from authoritative sources.   
Tune in to watch our latest #Googleyat episode and discover tech tips that will help you make better use of your time during Ramadan. The episode also presents an exclusive guide for families to help them entertain their children during Ramadan and teach them new skills with the support of Google’s tools and programs.

Episode Ten - Secrets of making use of time in Ramadan with Google

Qalam and Qibla Finder

Create and share beautiful and personalized Ramadan greetings with Qalam - a tool with hundreds of 3D customizable Ramadan and Eid greeting cards using Tilt Brush, our virtual reality app. Find the Qibla with the Qibla Finder - a webapp we launched in 2018 that has helped millions of people around the world find the Qibla within seconds. 

Qalam and Qibla Finder
Qalam and Qibla Finder

Google Maps 

While many of us will have to limit their time spent outside, Google Maps can help you find the closest restaurants to order from, how busy a supermarket you’re considering ordering from, and changes in traffic in your commutes. 

Google Maps search

Finally, we have a surprise on Google Search. Follow this riddle:  
Wherever you are in the world 🌍Search for Ramadan and click on the stars ✨and see if you can find the crescent so Ramadan starts  🌙 

Ramadan GIF

2. Taking care of your entertainment 

The Google Arts and Culture website hosts countless masterpieces from around the world. For the first time, this year we selected a handful of artworks that depict elements of Ramadan and Eid Al Fitr and put them in a digital coloring book with which you can recreate these masterpieces using your own taste. 

Art Coloring Book

On Google Assistant, the Ramadan fawazeer (riddles) are back in Arabic, challenge yourself and see if you can solve three riddles in a row. 

Google Assistant, the Ramadan fawazeer

3. Looking after your digital wellbeing 

From large production TV shows or "mosalsalat", to web series hosted by our favorite YouTube creators, Ramadan is when Arabic entertainment excels and dazzles. But it’s also important to organize our time and our look after our wellbeing. 
Limit your screen time with the wellbeing features on YouTube which help you set a reminder for taking a break as well as a reminder for bedtime, both of which can be found in the settings page of the YouTube app. You can also limit the number of notifications you get on your Android device with the help of the Do Not Disturb feature which you can activate in the settings. 

These are of the many ways Google can help you make the most of your days this Ramadan. Every day for the duration of Ramadan we will share a tip on our Twitter and Instagram accounts about how Google products can help you so you can focus on the most important things, whether that’s spending time with family, focusing on your wellbeing and spirituality, or whatever it is you love to do in the holy month. 

From all of us at Google, Ramadan Kareem.